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One good deed a day – what’s the magic word?

So how did you do with the challenge I last set?  How have you found letting other people go first? 

It’s been strange, whilst my commute is still knife-edge rush from place to place with barely seconds of delay built in, letting the odd car out of a side road seems to have led to a karmic improvement in it – this week the trains have run beautifully.  Perhaps I need to keep doing this and the trains won’t have their usual annual grind to a halt when we get the wrong type of cold!

One thing that has struck me though is how few people say thank you – you let someone into a stream of traffic and you would like them to at least acknowledge it. 

So this week’s challenge is to use the magic words please and thank you all over the place.  Make eye contact, smile and give it a go!

As I’ve said before this is about little acts of kindness spreading love and happiness and making the world a little bit brighter.

This week I’m tagging 4 lovely ladies – the 4 little sisters I’m mentoring as part of the Brit Mums Big Sis programme – please meet my new blogging friends and say hi to them!

Dazed but Enthused

Mummy & Mimi

I am Mummy

Life, Love and Living with Boys 

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2 comments to One good deed a day – what’s the magic word?

  • Since reading this post, I have noticed that although I always say please and Thank you, I do find myself mumbling into my purse and not giving eye contact as I say them. I will endeavour to make eye contact from now on and see if it will benefit both me and the recipient. I suspect if they are using eye contact, a mutual smile will brighten our day but if not, I might feel a bit disappointed. Will report back with my findings 🙂

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