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This is how a Friday should be

Incredibly I have had a month of Fridays with the girls – ok it’s not perfect, I’m still training up Bossman, but… so far it’s ok


In fact, it’s better than ok.


Take today as an example, yes my Friday’s are nuts – but nuts in a good way.


I’m solo parenting for a few days so it is just me and the girls (and the builders but least said about that at the moment for the best).


We’ve managed to be on time for both nursery drop off and pick up.  I went to a nursery mummies coffee morning and well, it went ok, I recognised a couple of mummies and they talked to me and I felt less of an outsider.
We had a girls’ lunch out at Pizza Express and it went well, no having to drag one of them out under my arm whilst they screamed that they weren’t in disgrace…


This afternoon we have been cleaning – done a massive clean of the bedrooms.  Admittedly this is because the dust situation has gone nuts – cutting the bricks to sort out the back wall has increased the dust levels exponentially and I can’t cope with the dust any more.  But hey, we needed a clear out and the girls were helpful.


We even discovered you can get the Cbeebies CD on Napster and had a mad half hour dancing to Gigglebiz and the likes.  You probably had to be there.


And tea time was fun if loud, tidy up went ok, bath time wasn’t bad and bedtime was surprisingly ok.


Yes I couldn’t do this all the time, yes it’s hard flipping from work to home (and finding time to check emails whilst knee deep in Mummydom) but you know what, fighting to have this one day a week away from work has been worth it.  Utterly worth it.
Apart from the whole maths that says I now work 6 out of 7 days, not 7 and I get 80% of the pay… not quite mathematically stacking up.

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