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Want to be happier? It just takes one good deed

Over the summer, in the wake of the riots I had the idea to try to do one good thing a day to counter what felt like an increasing tide of bad things.  Trouble was that once I had the idea it sort of sat and waited for me to come back to it.

I’ve spent the last few days at work looking at the outlook for the UK economy and it is grim reading. 

I also stumbled over Action for Happiness who believe that small acts of kindness can make us happier.  Thinking about it this has huge potential.  If we are happier we make the people around us happier and the small act of kindness passes on that happiness.  Think about it – if you help someone carry their buggy up a flight of stairs you feel good for having helped and they feel hugely happy that someone took the time to help.

Little things having a big effect.

So this week I challenge you to do one tiny thing to make yourself happier and pass the happiness on. 

Nothing heroic or flash, just to let someone else go first – let them in from a side road when you’re driving, if they only have a couple of things in the supermarket let them go ahead of you, don’t engage in the pushing and shoving to get onto the train, let someone else have the parking space.  And wave and smile when you do it.

Come on, you can do it!

To kick this off I’m tagging 5 bloggers to see if they can do it – hopefully they’ll agree and take part and pass on the love.  There’s a linky below if you want to take part – come on join in ! (and a badge over on my sidebar too)
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