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How to survive the witching hour (1)

The witching hour is that terrible time at the end of the day. 

The part which starts around 5pm and keeps going until they go to bed.

It covers tidy up time, tea time, bath time and bed time.  It doesn’t take much for any of those to be a terrible time.

So how do you get from tired and emotional to tired but happy enough to potter over to the bath without a full pitched battle?

I’ve no perfect solution but this weekend we discovered the joys of bubbles.

At the point that I’d got within an inch of the end of my tether and Bigger had announced that I was no longer her best friend we found the bubbles from a party bag.

End result was two girls happily running around the garden for half an hour, filling up a nice chunk of time, getting a bit of fresh air and exercise and even better happy to go up for bathtime with the promise of more bubbles in the bath.
Now where do I pick up more bubbles?

Yes it does look like Littler is trying to drink the bubble mix.  I am fairly sure she isn’t.  And that it isn’t terribly toxic…

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