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Enough with this plague of so-called celebrities

 They are everywhere, grinning inanely and orange-ly from the covers of endless magazines dedicated to the minutiae of their lives, inhabiting our TV screens with ‘reality’ shows about the car crashes of their lives and slowly, insidiously taking over our lives and our culture.

I say enough with the celebrities.

It’s time for a boycott.

I have not got the slightest interest in what some former nobody from nowhere interesting is wearing just because she went on a TV show for desperate wannabes.  The ability to be a role model is not defined by the number of minutes you have spent in the public’s gaze but on actually doing things and demonstrating some skills other than how to apply fake tan without streaks.

Respect is earned not instantaneously doled out once you have been snapped by a certain number of paparazzi.

Back in the day celebrities were characterised by their glamour and poise – now it appears that the fewer clothes you wear the better and there’s no shame in being photographed drunk and disorderly, falling out of nightclubs with your make up around your ears.

These plastic apologies for real people are distorting our view of what a real woman should look like – we’re supposed to stay stick thin during pregnancy irrespective of the genes we’ve been dealt or the needs of our babies; we’re supposed to lose any babyweight within seconds of the birth despite it being virtually impossible to do whilst breastfeeding and even harder when you don’t have endless paid staff to do everything for you.  Not that a celebrity would breastfeed, no there might be pictures taken of them doing it which far from being considered a way of normalising something, well, normal makes them feel uncomfortable.  As presumably does carrying your own shopping as well as your baby like the rest of us do, step forward Myleene Klass, guilty as charged!

Can we all stop buying these magazines full of the tripe these people spout.  Can we all stop watching them so ‘celebrity’ Big Brother and similar shows.  Can we stop watching X-Factor and allowing Simon Cowell to manufacture another nobody into somebody who’s antics we’ll be bored by for years to come.

How about we start celebrating real people?  Those who are great at their jobs.  Those who have built a happy family around them.  Those who do a bit more than the average – that volunteer in their community, that run marathons to raise money for charities, that act as those they aren’t the be-all and end-all.

Who would you like to consign to oblivion and who should we celebrate in their place?

With thanks to Being A Mummy for the inspiration in a tweet earlier today.


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6 comments to Enough with this plague of so-called celebrities

  • Hear, bloody hear!
    The only way is get me out of the Big Brother House in Chelsea? To paraphrase a previous BB inmate (irony not lost, etc); who ARE they!?
    (As an aside, I do have to say at this stage though that I was my absolute skinniest ever while breastfeeding – so much so that I had to go out and buy whole load of new clothes – appreciate I am probably not the norm though!)

    • Ha! Nice if that works – was thinnest ever the morning after my wedding day and 4 months into being pregnant with Littler (HG rocks for weight loss) breastfeeding well I just wanted to eat… for 18 months…

  • I absolutely agree, although I suspect that you need to be of a certain age to hold this view.

    Nowadays you don’t even need to be that good looking, just have the funds to be able to fake it. The only thing needed for instant fame and moderate fortune is to be brassneck enough to sleep with a public figure – obviously one who is married with kids. Being intelligent or have any discerning talent is a set-back on the road to fame & glory, to remain in the public eye and the gossip pages you need to be as stupid as you are orange.

  • I am sleb-mag free now, though I used to have a bit of an addiction to Hello! Mind you, minor European royalty weddings is hardly mainlining sleb trash. Agree with much of what you say but do find myself watching X Factor and I seem to have fallen accidentally in love with Gary Barlow. I know. I need to see someone about that. My vote for trashing is the dodgy geezer from TOWIE. Give his column inches to Brooke Kinsella, who campaigns to help get young people off path to knife crime.

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