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Best friends

Our two are at the stage where they are most like Labrador puppies – very physical, momentarily affectionate and then getting a touch too close and ending up squealing.

To be honest it can be a little wearing.

Not least because whatever one is doing the other absolutely has to do right then and there irrespective of whether it’s a good idea (putting peas up your nose… sigh),

or safe (climbing ladders, adult sized ladders… sigh),

or whether you’re big enough to do it (scissors, need I say more…sigh)

One of the great things about our small age gap is that neither can remember a world without the other.

But that doesn’t make them friends.  In fact I am certain that there have been times recently when either would have sold her sister for a bowlful of peas (strange children, I can’t stand the things).

But this weekend, Littler insisted on climbing into the same chair her big sister was sitting in (see above about having to do exactly the same thing) and when I suggested that Bigger might like more space I was firmly corrected with ‘no Mummy we are best friends and we want to sit together’.

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