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One good deed a day – add your voice

Today Christine Mosler from Thinly Spread is attending the UN General Assembly in New York.  She will be there along with Liz Scarff on behalf of Save the children to help persuade David Cameron to lend his voice and his support to solving the lack of health workers in developing countries.

Whilst it is easy to view the situation in these countries as being far away – each person that needless dies because of a lack of health workers leaves a gap in the lives of their family and friends.  Just as they do when people die in the developed world.  What these people don’t have is a voice reminding world leaders that they are individuals who count.  What Chris and Liz are hoping to do in New York today is to be a voice for them.  And we can help make that voice sound louder.

We are lucky in this country – there are great health workers doing wonderful work.

We were lucky enough to have a wonderful independent midwife who looked after our family when our girls were born.  I had my babies at home and without a midwife there with me, and the drugs that she carried, when I haemorrhaged it would have been fatal.  I was lucky to have someone who knew how to ensure I wasn’t a statistic.  Many women in the developing world are not so lucky.

So today for your good deed please consider signing the petition – this won’t lead to cold calling or pressured requests for money.  It just needs an email address not a telephone number.  Save the Children are hoping for 60,000 signatures by the end of today – it will take you 30 seconds to add your voice.

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