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Hang on a minute I’m still doing a little dance of much happiness and the reason is that my request for flexible working has been approved, backdated to the start of this week!!!

Paperwork to arrive shortly but approved nonetheless!!!

Slight twist is that it is for a 6 month trial period but at least 6 months gives us a chance to thrash out how it might all work out and not make any hasty judgements.
So, as of this Friday I will be spending Fridays away from the office.  Yes I’m going to have to continue to keep my Blackberry with me, I’m going to have to take calls but I will be able to take Bigger to nursery (something I have done a whole 3 times in the year she has been going) and go to a club with Littler and spend the afternoon with the two of them.  Yes its going to be busy and I’m not going to get much else done but I get to spend a whole extra day with them.

I am so happy that I could cry.  And so relieved.  Reducing down my hours by 20% so I could see the girls more wasn’t an easy decision but exactly what we as a family need and now its going to happen.

My work diary is now blocked out as out of office every Friday and I’m starting to make plans for things to do together starting with having our new fridge delivered.

How brilliant is this!

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