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Flexible working request – the sound of silence

Do you hear that?


That quiet, that nothing?


Yup, that’s what I’m hearing too (ok this is illustrative, undoubtedly at the moment I am dealing with two small girls bouncing around the sitting room in the holiday home we’re staying in but hey, stay with me…)


Today is 28 days since I put in the formal request to move to an 80% contract.


I had assumed that since Bossman had magnificently turned around and said we should give it a go that the whole thing was purely administrative and not actually more than a foregone conclusion.


But today is 28 days on from putting in the request and from reading around today is the day that I’m supposed to have a response.  That I am required to have a response.  And yet so far so nothing.
Yes there is a chance that something may have been sent in the post to home but really?  When everything seems to be stuck on electronic systems?


So what do I do now?  Does this mean that actually they have decided that it is too difficult or maybe will mean that other people might attempt to do the same thing?  Am I not going to be allowed to be the thin end of a flexible working wedge?  Don’t they realise how important this is to me?  And to my family?


What on earth do I do if they think I am just going to sit in limbo for another couple of months?  What can I do?  Surely if they are legally required to respond I should at least get a response?  God forbid they go for ‘no’ as an easier solution…


Update – have spoken to HR and the request is still in the system.  They will follow up.  But what happens about the 28 days?  Surely they cannot get away with just letting me sit and hang around waiting?  Surely they have to follow the procedures?

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2 comments to Flexible working request – the sound of silence

  • nikhknight

    Gah, bastards.

    Hopefully, they have written, HR may be more paper-bound than everyone else? Either way, an email wouldn’t kill them, maybe a call to HR to “check progress”?

  • It’s incompetence in my view. HR are good at using policies and procedures if it suits them, but much less so if it’s the employee’s issue/request/right. Don’t get me started, my HR messed my stuff right up around my maternity leave, effectively taken a full year’s annual leave allowance off me, and now made me redundant on top of it. Hurray for high work morale. At least I’ll get to spend more time with the kids soon.

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