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You know when you decide to do something because its ultimately the right thing to do and you focus on the end result and not too much on the what is going to happen before stage?   Well that’s what has happened here.


We have finally bitten the bullet and decided to get the kitchen sorted out – the current version is ugly, badly constructed and for some reason has a worksurface 10cm higher than usual so shortarses like me can’t really use it.  So there’s just a small matter of pulling that out, replacing the floor, as you do, and building out a couple of walls so we can fit in more units and add in patio doors that might keep some of the winter winds out.


Naturally this led to us thinking that if we’re going to the disruption of having the kitchen done why don’t we get all the downstairs floors done.   Cheaper in the long run, less disruption ultimately, blah blah blah.


The bottom line is that we have moved out of the downstairs of our house and into the bottom of a barn.  A room that used to be a double B&B room.  That’s about the same size of our kitchen.  For 3 months.  Or so.  The builders are refusing to be drawn on how long it will take.


So we are going to be camping out until Christmas.  With just a BBQ and a microwave and kettle.  And hopefully some access to the Aga at nights.


What on earth are we going to eat?  Mr and I are ok because we can eat at work but what about the girls?  Are there good microwave meals for children?  Are there any that are dairy free?




I so should have thought this one through before now.  Instead I’m sat here trying to work out a menu plan that won’t result in malnutrition or just eating sandwiches and beans on toast for months.


There was a part of me that thought that downsizing would be good for us – we can reduce down the children’s enormous mountain of toys, we can minimise the clutter in our house, we can finally get nice things for the kitchen (we are still muddling along on a mismatched collection of bits and pieces that date back to our student days).  Yes that will be good but for three months?


If you know us yes please to all offers of coming over for meals and use of your washing machines.


And the mantra for the next few months – its going to be great when its done…. repeat as necessary.

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6 comments to Downsizing

  • Kat

    You are braver than me! I am pretty sure you can find some good ready meals at the supermarket. I am pretty sure I have seen some of them labeled for people with allergies, but I can’t remember offhand. Good luck! It will all be worth it when you have your gorgeous new kitchen!

  • FrauHopkins

    We had this problem (albeit for only a month!) when we had our kitchen done but I discovered that there is quite a wide array of fresh, microwavable food you can fall back on – fresh soups are a good one plus there are loads of pre-prepared veg, potatoes etc that you can stick in the microwave. It’s quite costly in the long run but better than pot noodles!

  • My god, I dont envy you, three months is a really long time in that situation. I wish you luck! And im sure it will be fabulous when its finished and all worth it.

  • nikhknight

    Sainsbury’s do a range of kids’ ready meals – not sure how dairy-free they are though.

    Good luck – it *will* be worth it…

  • Redbedhead

    Eeek! I feel for you but we will be in the same situation for a similar amount of time in a couple of months so please report back on how things go.

    Our building work is actually closer to 6 months but we are staying in the house for the first few months while they build the shell of the extension and then moving out when it comes to knocking through and doing the changes to the current house. Mad? Yes, possibly. I am just repeating the same mantra as you ‘It will be fabulous once it is done….’

  • I could do this, beans on toast is one of my best meals!

    Good luck and it will be fine – repeat as necessary

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