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The Friday Rant Club – a torrent of previously hidden, unspoken thoughts

Today Lucy, who blogs at thatwoman is guest ranting for us – over to Lucky


I was thinking about what to write all day, and several of my bugbears had a similar theme.


This is namely, the desire in me, the shrieking desire to say, once or twice, loudly and without an immediate capitulation to apology and self-deprecation what I really think.


Do you know that column in The Guardian, where someone unleashes a torrent of previously hidden, hitherto unspoken thoughts about those all around them? Like that, but less passive aggressive.


So here are just a few of them:


My tits – yes, they are big.  It isn’t a fashion statement, or even merely the result of breastfeeding. They’ve always been massive. I don’t get them out to breastfeed to show off though, or sport a cleavage because I think it is cool. I wear them and live with them because they are part of my body and unless I went down a surgical route I’m not keen on I have very limited control over their size. Most people would frown at men staring or making comments. They do, sometimes, but mostly it is women. And it makes me feel small and ugly and wrong behind the vaguely comic globes I have to follow about.


Breastfeeding – of all the things related to pregnancy and childbirth this probably was the only one which came fairly easily to me. I am not breastfeeding to show off, or talking about it to make some crazed feminist point. I am so understanding, or at least believe I can be empathetic about it not working, because I have had a whole host of things to do with my body and my childrearing child producing choices not work out for me. But just the act, of breastfeeding, unappologetically, sometimes in public, with my massive bangers (see above) isn’t any kind of statement or affront. It is just me, for the next few weeks.


Children on the tube – yes, sometimes I take my children on the tube. Sometimes even in rush hour. I don’t enjoy doing it because I am always totally tense about all the judging faces and tutting and sighing and eye rolling (which I can see because procreation hasn’t made me blind). For the record a) I never take them unless I need to but b) (and here is the thing I know I’m not supposed to say) it is their bloody city too, their tube, their home. If they need to go somewhere I will take them and that is just fine. They are allowed. They are doing no more harm than a bigger person. They don’t deserve to be shoved or stared at or sighed at. We try to take up minimal space. We share seats. Sometimes it takes up less space and is safer for my toddler to sit down and me to stand. But as for him and my baby, just because they are small doesn’t mean they aren’t a person so it is just as off to barge into, push, and lean on them as it would be to do the same to me. I can only thank God they aren’t socially networked up and don’t have to read the relentless spew of unkindness about children on transport I see every day on facebook.



The Friday Rant Club is a chance to get those niggles, those irritants, those things that make you want to throw a toddler-stylee tantrum off your chest before the weekend.

Go on, let it all out and if you feel like it there’s a rather nice little button over there on the right to show you that you like a bit of a rant

I’m looking for some guest ranters – if you’d like to get something off your chest send me an email or mention it to me on Twitter. Any subject, just has to be something that has really got your goat.


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4 comments to The Friday Rant Club – a torrent of previously hidden, unspoken thoughts

  • Anna Buck

    I recently took my son on a plane. He’s been on a plane every year, twice a year since he was born 4 years ago. This year was the first year it made me cry, the first year I didn’t care that his fathers new partner would play a part in his life from this day forward, the first time I really wanted my son to be away from me, just for a few minutes, just a few minutes to rekindle my sanity, to find myself, to discover (as a single mum) who I really am again.

    Up until now he had never misbehaved on a journey, probably because I was so desperate for him not to cry, not to shout, to be the perfect baby that I took everything, did everything to make sure that moment when everybody stares at you never arose, the moment when you walk on to the plane and everybody tightens their grip around their arm rests – please please do not let that incompetent mother with her out of control child sit next to me. But it did this year, and it came with looks of ‘i understand’ ‘i’m disgusted with you’ ‘how could you let you child do that’ to ‘we have total sympathy with you’. But do you know who I am…I am the mother of my beautiful child, and when all those months ago I new I would be his mum I went for the first scan, I new I loved him from the first moment I saw the peanut, I knew I loved him and no matter what (I will tell you that in another chapter if you are interested) I had given birth to the most beautiful person I had ever deserved to know ..

    • It is always the absolute worse when you are worried to begin with, especially when you have a lot invested in the journey. Planes terrify me, although in many ways people have usually been nicer there than on tubes. I think you are brave. I’m sure your peanut is very beautiful, and in the spirit of ranting further bollox to anyone who gets all uppity!

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    I love a good rant, especially on a Friday! I think your ranting about kids on the tube is very justified. As you point out, it’s their city, too. People can be so unaccommodating, rude and selfish.

    CJ xx

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