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The Friday Rant Club – a 3 part guest rant

Its Friday and as a break from me being grumpy I have a guest ranter for you with not one, not two but three different rants.
Here’s handing over to our guest ranter, Snaffles Mummy. Thanks for coming over and getting it all off your chest.
First up is anyone who thinks they are being “helpful” by commenting on my feeding choice. Yes I am still feeding him myself. No I havent considered giving him formula at bed time to make him sleep longer. Same goes for baby rice in his bottle! No he isnt a big baby, hes perfectly in proportion actually.
Step back, reel your necks in and mind your own bloody business. Do I tell you what to eat? No, so butt out!
Then there is the car garage. Thank you for your letter this morning stating that due to the economic climate you have ceased trading as “X” and are now trading on the same location as “Y”. This has made me mad beyond belief. You were rude, expensive, incompetent and generally a gigantic failure. This has clearly cost your business money so you feel that you can duck out of your responsibilities by winding the company up and then have the bare faced cheek to open under a different name.
“You can offer the same level of service as was previously available” – so you will leave other cold, hormonal and pregnant women broken down on the motorway in -15 degrees for over 5 hours? You can continue to refuse to take her onto her housing estate due to the weather and drop her at town leaving her to get the bus to the nearest main road and then walk home? You will continue to charge an extortionate amount for your work and not return phone calls. You will continue to use scare tactics to gain work and reduce women to tears after said scare tactics?
I am sure your new venture will continue to have a long and sucessful future – NOT!
Lastly is my dearest husband. I do feel a little bad ranting about you, I know you were doing what you thought was right and you were trying your best but sometimes I do wonder how you can make such poor decisions. I was so looking forward to my girls night out, I had such a fun night. Sadly my lasting memory of this is coming home to find you with steam coming out of your ears and to Munchie crying hysterically. It seems he had refused his bottle and had been crying for an hour. Yes you were coping, yes you were cuddling him and looking after him but why oh why did you not just call me? I had already had a good few hours out and would have rather come home early than to know Munchie has been crying for all that time. If I go out again will you call me if he cries? I may have shouted, I may have sworn and we went to bed not speaking for the first time in a very long time. This displeases me muchly. I think you have learnt your lesson. Next time just call me.


The Friday Rant Club is a chance to get those niggles, those irritants, those things that make you want to throw a toddler-stylee tantrum off your chest before the weekend.

Go on, let it all out and if you feel like it there’s a rather nice little button over there on the right to show you that you like a bit of a rant

I’m looking for some guest ranters – if you’d like to get something off your chest send me an email or mention it to me on Twitter. Any subject, just has to be something that has really got your goat.

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1 comment to The Friday Rant Club – a 3 part guest rant

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    I love a good rant and this one is great!! Husbands don’t think the way women do.

    The garage sounds like a poor state of affairs and I suspect they’ll not do too well.

    And the breast feeding issues are absolutely no one else’s business. Why people have to interfere either way is beyond me. Breast/bottle – it’s a choice. A mother’s choice. No one else’s. End of.

    CJ xx

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