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Dairy free life – Spanish omelette

This is a family favourite – its probably the only thing I’ve ever cooked where Mr Muddling has come back for thirds and if that isn’t a recommendation I don’t know what one is!


You can either make this in one big frying pan or make tiny ones in a well oiled fairy cake tray.  The little ones are great cold as part of a picnic.


Dairy Free Spanish Omelette

Makes enough for 4 for lunch with enough left over for a picnic or childrens’ tea


1 Chorizo sausage chopped & cubed (be warned though some chorizo has dairy in it – check the label first)

6 medium sized potatoes, peeled & cubed

Couple of large handfuls of spinach – either baby spinach or big spinach torn into smaller bits

6-8 eggs beaten (amount will depend on the size of your frying pan but go for more rather than less)


Heat a frying pan on the hob, once hot pop in the chorizo.  No need to add oil, the chorizo will release the lovely oil as it cooks.  Once its cooked and brown on the sides use a slotted spoon to put the chorizo into a bowl on one side whilst leaving the oil in the frying pan.


Add the chopped potatoes to the oil and fry until crispy brown.  I usually chop too many potatoes so if the pan is looking a bit overfull pop some on one side and they’ll make a nice addition as a side dish or with another meal.


Once the potatoes are brown tip the chorizo back into the pan and warm up.
Whilst its warming add the spinach to the beaten eggs.


Take the frying pan off the heat and pour over the spinach and egg mixture, stirring to ensure its evenly distributed.


Put the pan back on the heat and meanwhile turn on the grill.
After 10 minutes take the frying pan off the hob and pop under the grill for another 10 minutes to cook the top half.  Take out when golden brown and sizzling.


Turn out and serve with bread and salad.

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