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I’ve tried to write several versions of this but have given up – the words don’t seem to be flowing properly

I’m poorly – turns out the cystitis developed into a kidney infection.  Not a bad one but still enough to merit a round of antibiotics and ideally a day in bed. 

Except I’m not getting a day in bed, instead I’m writting this sat in the departure lounge at Gatwick waiting for a flight off on a business trip.  We’ve already been waiting two hours and it looks as if we’ll have another couple….  Not what I’d be doing if I had things my own way.

This trip has also created a working parent nightmare – turns out both Mr and I have to be away at the same time and we’ve had to call on favours to look after the girls.  I know it isn’t the end of the world but I’m guessing most people would consider me to be a bad mother to leave my children entirely on their own in a different country from both parents because I still persist in pursuing this career thing.  Or maybe not.  I don’t know.

So anyway, there you have it.  Life will hopefully improve as antibiotics and various other pills kick in and hopefully mend my broken body and possibly I will get away on this trip.  And if I get away, at least I get a night on my own, with no wriggly small person in my bed which has to be a good thing.

And I’ve just realised that this time next week we’ll be on the road, driving off for our holidays.  Which naturally means I should be spending this extra time writing the lists of the myriad of things that need doing before we go.  Did I mention we have building work starting whilst we’re away?

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9 comments to Wibble

  • Ugh! I think wibble is a fairly eloquent way of putting things under the circumstances. Sorry you’re not getting the rest you need. And no, you’re not a bad mother. Your children are being looked after by people you trust – is your husband a bad father? It is clear to anyone else looking in that you are worrying about your kids and work far more than you are taking care of yourself. Stop with the guilt already!! xxx

  • nikhknight

    Exactly what Pregnantish said – enjoy your solo bed, coddle yourself as much as you can – and if I (ever) get a spare minute, I’ll get started on that template Project plan for holiday packing… 😉

  • Mummy Dichotomy

    They’ll survive – in fact they’ll probably have a great time! Kids get left with other trusted friends or relatives all the time for social reasons or much needed breaks for parents so why not for work? Don’t feel guilty. But it does sound like you need some rest rather than a work trip. Never easy but you are doing your best like the rest of us x

  • Poor you get well soon, I hope you are on strong antibiotics and that it clears up soon. Must be awful having to travel when feeling unwell. Am sure your children are having fun and since it is summer hols at least it is easier than having to do it in termtime.

  • Hope you get very well soon. Definitely try to see this business trip as an oppurtunity to restduring the evenings and nights.I haven’t met you in person but am pretty sure you are one of the best mothers,don’t feel guilty.I am sure they are with people they love and trust and will be fine.xxx

  • Oh poor you, I feel for you. Good on you for pursuing your career too!

  • oh hannah, sending hugs and hope you get better xxxx

  • I do hope you’re feeling better now. Children are very resilient and being left with someone you trust for a day or two will be a fascinating adventure for them – really don’t beat yourself up over it.

  • All part of having a career, unfortunately, also part of being a mother, a working mother. Still waiting for the day when I read a similar post from a bloke.
    Hope you are now feeling better and are off on happy holidays XXX

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