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Dairy free life – chocolatey rice krispie cakes

One of the downsides of living dairy free is the lack of chocolate (well excepting the lovely Moo Free chocolates) and the number of traditional party foods that fall into the can’t have camp.


Last weekend we had a birthday party for Mr Muddling (29 again…) and the girls and I decided to try and throw him a proper party.  Bigger was adamant that this meant that we needed cakes.  Lots of cakes.


And so I decided to give chocolate rice krispie cakes a go.  They were a big favourite when I was little and from memory they were very easy to make.
The amounts are vague – you sort of bung it in and keep adding coco pops until you get the right consistency.  My sort of cooking really.


Dairy free chocolate rice krispie cakes

4tbsp golden syrup

2 tbsp dairy free spread

Handfull of marshmallows

3 or 4 cups of Coco Pops (or rice krispies or cornflakes)


Melt the dairy free spread and syrup in a pan on the hob.


Once melted stir in the marshmallows until they have melted.


Take off the heat and pour in the coco pops and stir until all coated in the melted mixture.


Spoon into paper cake cases and leave to set.


Try and stop your children eating them all in one go….


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