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One good deed a day – a blogger challenge

This week I have felt as if I’ve been bombarded by wall to wall bad things. 

The news has been packed with images of rioting, looting and anti-social behaviour.  there have been times when I have just stared at the images, incredulous that this is happening here and now.

I’m not going to try and explore the causes – as far as I can see its not as simple as the Daily Mail would have us think and I suspect that a solution is not as straightforward as just reinstating National Service.  What I do know is that I have been heartened that there has been a groundswell of good actions trying to counter the bad actions of a minority.

And that is what this is about.

I want to ask each of you to consider making the decision to do one small good thing every day – one tiny action of consideration or care and to pass that on into our communities.

It doesn’t have to be something big but I can guarantee that you will feel happier from doing it and you will pass on a small slice of happiness to a stranger.  And perhaps that stranger will then pass on that happiness to another stranger.  Who knows.

Its someone helping you carry a buggy down stairs at the train station, its offering your seat to a pregnant fellow commuter before they ask, its letting a car out of a side road rather than driving straight on.  Or even volunteering locally – giving an hour of time to a local organisation.

Little things that don’t cost you anything but that spread happiness.

Are you in?

If you are, leave a comment, mention it on twitter via #1GoodDeed, blog about it. 

Or don’t say anything – this isn’t about bragging its about doing.

There’s also a badge if you fancy adding one to your blog.

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