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Hitting the exhaustion wall with a thump

The final few days before a long awaited holiday always seem to be the hardest.
There’s still several days of work to complete, packing to be changed from long, scribbled lists into actual things in bags and still the day to day life to get on with.

I’m shattered.

The type of shattered where multiple cups of coffee don’t even dent the feeling of total body exhaustion.

Its been too long since we’ve had a break and there has been too much going on recently.

If I could I’d escape for a duvet day and hide in bed catching up on sleep.

But I can’t, I have a million things to do before we go and a million lists to write for when we get back (the mega combination of the rest of our summer holiday approaching and the small issue of having the floors ripped up from the entire downstairs of our house).

Its not helped by the girls going through a terrible sleep phase – they’re full of cold and Littler is teething too which has meant far too many nights in a row where we haven’t had a proper sleep.

I’m totally lacking in inspiration, totally demotivated about everything and starting to fantasise about crawling under my desk and having a nap. 

Normal service will hopefully resume after I’ve had a rest but until then you’ll please excuse me if I’m just hitting ‘mark all as read’ on G-Reader and failing to engage with anyone on anything.

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