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The Far Too Big Blanket

There is good news and there is bad news.

The good news is that the infernal Far Too Big Blanket is now nearly twice as long as it was last time I wrote about it at 84 stripes.
The bad news is that it still needs more stripes. 

Lots more stripes.

Current target is going to be to aim for 100 stripes and see what happens there.

I keep measuring it and hoping that in the night someone has come and done a few more stripes but nobody has broken into our house to do a bit of stealth crotchet yet…

And then there are all the ends to sew in (I probably should have done them as I went along but I didn’t so I have many hours of sewing in to do which is a bit offputting) and then the edging to do. 

At this rate I’ll be finishing this sometime around the end of the world.

Stripes – 84

Length – 144cm

Width – 170cm – far too wide, should never have gone and added those extra 10 inches in at the start

Number of balls of wool – countless, people keep giving me extra balls which at least means its not bankrupted me yet

Yarn – Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino – word of advice, choose a cheaper yarn if you are planning a blanket the size of a small house

Hours spent on it to date – hours and hours and hours

I think I’m getting there on the length of the thing (and there is no way I’m doing more than 100 stripes) but then I’ve got to sew in the ends (yes I know I should have done them as I worked, but I didn’t) and then the whole border needs doing
I’m hoping to have a push on it whilst we’re on holiday – at least to get the stripes finished, it was started this time last year so I really do need to get it finished
Question is what to make when I’m done?

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3 comments to The Far Too Big Blanket

  • I feel your pain. Felt like I would never finish mine. I ended up making the width into the length just so i could finish it quicker. Would have needed a second mortgage to finish it otherwise.

  • Kirsty

    Make loads of lovely small things, so that you can get the triumph and reward of finishing something without the hard slog next time. It does look gorgeous, though, and I’m so impressed that you’ve stuck with it. I have about seven squares of a beginners knitted blanket in a bag on top of the bookcase, which I started when I was pregnant with baby1. I really must get round to putting it all on Freecycle – I don’t have your stubborn determination!

  • What a gorgeous blanket! I reckon you should finish it, wrap yourself in it on the sofa with a favourite film, bottle of wine and bowl of popcorn in reach and voila! Instantly karma. If you don’t, I will break into your house to do just that.

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