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Another day, another load of judgemental tripe

There are times when I wonder whether the vitriol that journalists reserve for ‘Mummy bloggers’ has its roots in fear rather than a genuine concern about our behaviours.  Afterall, Rachel Johnson reckons she lost 12 columns to the onslaught of the mummy bloggers rather than, say, the fact that people may not have wanted to read the articles she was writing with her ‘self edit’ button turned to off.

Today I’ve read another article by Jojo Moyes that suggests that us Mummy bloggers are sitting at our computers dishing out advice and creating our writing empires whilst our children sit, ignored, infront of Cbeebies.

Far be it for me to judge Ms Moyes for her inability to find time to even make a cup of tea whilst caring for a small child ,which does strike me as a little extreme, whilst she can sit there and assume that the only way we can find time for blogging is through neglect.

I’ve always been told that if you want to get something done, give it to a busy person and you know what, mothers in general tend to be very busy people.

Yes, it is hard to keep all the plates spinning and life in balance but if you are motivated to, almost anything is possible.

Blogging for me is a way out of isolation and I am motivated to find time for it.  I sneak it in around my day, checking in whilst waking up in bed, whilst sitting on the train on my commute, after the children have gone to bed and in quiet moments on the loo during the day.  Without my iphone I’d struggle a lot more but I am lucky that I have one and with it I have been able to keep up with friends and read blogs and comment on blogs in and around the rest of my life.  I’d certainly have found it harder to stay connected whilst spending hours breastfeeding and expressing.

Ms Moyes let me be clear –  you may not be able to find time for everything you want to do, yes we all have to make compromises and most of us find a way to work those out.  You may be unable to write without leaving your child infront of the TV but perhaps others of us find a way to avoid that or are happy with that choice.  You may not understand blogging or the compulsion to write that drives those of us who aren’t professional writers – how about you try and understand, you try and connect and you stop making knee jerk judgements.  How about you realise that these assumptions are about you and not about me and my life and my family?

And to my new readers who have come over here recently, pleased to meet you – you probably didn’t need to know that this was written in lifts travelling between meetings, whilst waiting for a conference call to start and stood at the Aga whilst making Thai curry for our supper but I suspect that you are probably reading it in similar circumstances because that’s what we do.

We fit things in around our lives and perpetually strive to do everything at once.

How about the media get around to celebrating our achievements rather than judging us on the grounds of a set of assumptions that are probably a long way from the reality of our real daily lives. 

How about people celebrate that we can blog and mother and have jobs and everything else rather than assuming that if we blog it means we’re neglecting our families rather than perhaps choosing not to clean the downstairs loo or to go to bed at a more reasonable time.

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8 comments to Another day, another load of judgemental tripe

  • You mean you *gasp* m u l t i t a s k ?

    Oh my good lordy.


    LCM x

  • I think that if Ms Moyes is going to sterotype us into a neat little box than she should at least make sure she labels it correctly !

    I blog in the evenings mainly when my kids asleep and I can relax, in fact I put by one night a week and write all my posts for the week in one hit because I love it so much that I make time for it – BUT – if I did want to write a post whilst my kiddies watch tv then so be it ! I’m not going to made to feel guilty by anyone for it and certainly not be made to feel that I should justify it!

    Us mummy bloggers are an invaluable source of support for each other and others – sweeping generalisations to the contrary are laughable ! I don’t sit here typing ‘ all journalists are hacking scumbags ‘ do I ?!

    *takes deep breath* thanks you muddling along mummy for this post !

    And just so we are clear we husband is building blocks with the kiddies as I write this but if they were dancing round the garden in the rain with poopy nappies then it’s still none of your god damn business 😉

  • Sounds a bit like sour grapes from Rachel Johnson and JoJo Moyes obviously hasn’t looked into a lot of the mummy blogs that hard, as there are a few that aren’t actaully that much children based… Just another case of mothers being judged without the full story…

  • This is just so interesting, I’m in the States so not that much criticism here, though there are people who say who on earth would you want to call yourself a Mummy blogger. I’m always with the Neitsche (sp) philosophy of “accept your fate”. Being a parent informs everything you do in your life, even when you’re working. I have to say the bloggers in the UK are incredibly good writers (including yourself) so no wonder columnists are getting worried!

  • debs

    Well said . I mainly blog and read blogs whilst breastfeeding, thank goodness for smart phones !

  • What utter rubbish. Being a parent can be very isolating – it’s not very productive to knock other mothers for trying to find a way out of that lonely place. Anyway, I hear she has a blog of her own!

  • Kirsty

    I read that article too and rolled my eyes. The implication seemed to be that mothers should have no time for any hobbies or interests aside from raising children and keeping house – if having time for blogging was such a ridiculous concept to her, it seemed to me that time for, e.g., reading the newspaper, taking a photograph, having any interests or sense of self would fall into the same category. Which, obviously, is a load of rubbish.

  • Is she claiming to have just sat there while feeding and doing NOTHING else? This article also subtly takes a swipe at working mothers too.

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