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The Friday Rant Club – a guest rant

I’m not feeling completely in the mood for ranting so Jen has been a star and stepped in with a rant of her own – Jen thank you


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For those of you that don’t know me, I am Jen and I blog at wwwe.muminthemadhouse.com about life with my family and all that jazz, however, I cannot blog about one major part of my life in The Mad House, my own blog as my inlaws (or the outlaws as we call them) read it.


What is wrong with my children?  Do they not meet your standards?  Are they too noisy, too full of energy, too rambunctious for you?

Is there a reason why even after us moving 250 miles to be nearer to you that you chose not to spend time with your grandchildren?

Oh wait, that isn’t exactly true is it, I should say why you chose not to spend time with my children, not your grandchildren, as you have your other grandchild to visit all the time.

Can you not see just how hard it is for us, we have asked for help, only to be told that you are too busy or have plans.  I wouldn’t mind if that was actually the case, but the plans are things that can change like washing the windows or washing the car (which has sat in the garage all week)!

You were aware I was going in to hospital, but you didn’t offer to help, or even ring to check I was OK and MadDad had to ring you and ask, nay beg for you to look after the boys one evening whilst he visited and even then it was too hard for you to collect them or even feed them.

This used to make me so angry, but lately it just makes me so, so sad.  Sad for my children, who no longer have Grandparents on my side of the family and sad for you.  You are the ones losing out on knowing two lovely, clever, excitable and joyous little boys.

You know I have come to understand that there is nothing wrong with my children, no, the fault lies firmly with you.  You are the ones with the issues, not me and certainly not my 5 and 6 year old boys, who haven’t done a thing wrong, apart from being themselves.

It is your loss, not ours.

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5 comments to The Friday Rant Club – a guest rant

  • I totally understand where you are coming from. My inlaws offered to help look after me and Holly as I am waiting on at least one operation being told she had loads of holiday. As soon as we attempted to take her up on it she suddenly has none left.
    She told me the first time i was pregnant and had a miscarriage that if i hadnt have lost the baby i should have had an abbortion. Her stiring got that bad that in the end when we got married we ran away to Gretna to do the deed. She came and apologized recently for her behaviour, but nothings changed really the other grandchildren will get treated differently as does my husband as he is not the golden child!!

    • The Mad House

      Emma, I think that is is hard for MIL. as a mum of boys, I am going to use mine as an example of what NOT to do when they get girlfriends and marry!

  • It is very much their loss, my parents are rather wonderful when it comes to my kids so i am really fortunate, they holiday with the kids, taken them out and baby sit regulary despite living 500 miles away.


  • This is so sad – as Northern Mum says, it’s their loss. My parents are great when visiting or hosting the kids on their own but not great when we’re around…I hear a lot of friends saying what you are saying…

  • I know this is an ongoing issue for you Jen, and I’m sorry things haven’t improved. How inconsiderate of them not to offer to help when you went into hospital? Have they given any reason why they see their other grandchildren more often? And you’re right, it is their loss. xx

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