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Need a few days off to recover from the weekend

Don’t get me wrong, I had a lovely weekend
Well, a lovely weekend once the girls and I had spent two and a half hours driving very s l o w l y around the M25.  Really must remember that setting off at 5pm can only mean that we hit rush hour and that it will be grim, grimity, grim.  On the plus side I have very much improved my technique for distributing breadsticks to the rear seats without having to turn around.  Obviously this is far easier in stationary traffic than if you’re moving so I guess we were lucky that we were mostly struggling to break 20 mph.  Or something like that.

Its just that we were away for the entire weekend and only got home at 8.30 last night (yup, another 2 and a bit hours on the M25 to finish up and for no obvious reason really).

So we get home to having to unpack, throw a load of washing on and grab dinner and before you know it its 10pm and well past my current bedtime.
And then I’m into another week and another 8.30 team meeting to kick it off.
It feels as if I’m running just to keep up with myself.

Either way, I need to find a wife or more hours in the day or we’re going to run out of clean underwear before next weekend.

But I did manage to do a few more rows on the Far Too Big Blanket, to read the Sunday papers and get an afternoon nap.  And the girls got to play with their Granny and run around and generally have lots of fun.
So all in all a good weekend – just need a few days off to recover.

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