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This post carries a health warning

Right, if you know me in real life you may want to not read the rest of this post.

If you do, be warned its at your own risk.  I accept no responsibility for any real world issues arising from this post.

This is my blog, its somewhere I can talk about things I can’t necessarily talk about out in the real world, or that perhaps I want talk through before I’m ready or comfortable talking about them in the real world.

Please bear that in mind.  Ok?

So it turns out that I didn’t have a tummy bug or a strange queasy-feeling hangover after some pink wine with Mr Muddling last week.

It turned out that, yet again, my fabulous acupuncture man has done his wonders with his needles and has managed to get me, and more importantly, keep me pregnant.

Whilst it is still early days we are expecting Muddling Mark 3 February/March time next year.

In the real world we are holding off telling anyone because we just don’t know how this pregnancy is going to turn out.

We’re really hoping that it will be better than the time we had with Littler but, being realists, we know that there is a strong chance that this baby will also try and arrive very early and perhaps given I’m a bit older and everything else, that there is a chance that this baby might not make it.  Added to which is the usual higher risks of various things going wrong because I’m now on the wrong side of 35.

So you see, I need to have the space to write about this here, even whilst I’m keeping quiet about it in the real world.

Not least because I’m already feeling sick.  And yes, I know that’s a seen as a good sign but last time that good sign had me admitted to hospital to be rehydrated.

And I’m suffering from a maelstrom of hormones, up one minute, down the next, needy and weepy.

And I’m exhausted.  Exhausted as in going to bed at 9.30 and waking up at 7am and still being shattered.

All of which are good signs but hard to live with if you can’t tell anyone.

So I guess that is why I’m telling you…

Because importantly this blog kept me together during my pregnancy with Littler, through the hyperemesis, through the hospital visits, through the bed rest and, whilst I’m hoping this pregnancy will be nothing like that, I do still need this blog to be there for me.

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