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The Carnival is live – come over & have a read

Welcome to this fortnight’s BMB carnival – its a massive one this time so grab a cup of tea, a biscuit and settle down to discover a great bunch of blog posts from all corners of the blogsphere.

If I’ve missed out anyone or the links don’t work don’t get grumpy, just send me a tweet or an email and I’ll do my best to fix it.

The next carnival is over at Second Time Mummy and the rest of the schedule can be found over here.

Right – do you have that cup of tea, that biscuit – right then, off we go on our tour of the best in blogging.


First up is The Real Life of a Narrowboat Wife who is credited with emailing me with the first post for this carnival and reminding me I needed to do something about it – thank you Peggy.

Adventures of a First Time Mum writes about her worries that her unborn son might end up looking like she did as a child – this one has some great pictures!

What Nobody Tells You About Having a Baby writes an odd to Spanx and birthday angst

Spudballoo takes on the horror of  padded bras and pamper parties for the under 5s – I completely agree Spud, hands off our little girls!

Becky at Baby Budgeting writes about to how to help your child be a confident artist and gives you better ways to respond to a picture than my staple ‘darling, its a drawing!’.

A Place Of My Own writes beautifully about her anxiety and the worries about trying to manage a baby who isn’t yet in a routine with the realities of the demands of life when you already have another child.

Mummy’s Space is having a tug of love with baby, Ben, over a hairdryer.

Mammasaurus is having some issues with her daughter’s imaginary friend and wants to know if she’s the only one whose child has a friend nobody else can see.

Some Mothers Do Ave Em confesses to being a shoe addict – guess how many shoes she bought in a single day?

The Project Lab has a lovely Gallery entry with adorable pictures of her little boy as he turns 4 months old.

Teens ‘n’ Twincesses is asking whether cupcakes are a sign of retro feminity or the death of feminism.

Lost in Translation blogs on the perils out there when you get bullied into exercising.

Sandy at Baby Baby is thinking about Dads and particularly her late Father.

Yummy Mummy / Flabby Tummy has discovered that her little girl is growing up and getting corrupted.

Northern Mummy has tried very hard but has let her family down.
Smiling like Sunshine has a really useful post on how to reduce BPA levels in your daily life with some great tips in it.

About Last Weekend has slipped off to France to learn whether French Women Really Do Get Fat!

Mum2babyinsomniac has had an unexpected consequence of watching TV and is pondering the big questions of life.

Bump2Basics is also musing on a dilemma and wondering how to cope with public toilet phobia

A Girl’s Secret Diary has put forward her 2nd post on her new blog where she outs herself as a perfectionist.

Very Bored in Catalunya takes to task these celebrity Dad of the Year competitions and suggests that there are better role models for fathers out there.

A Matter Of Choice is learning a new language and inviting us to follow her on her journey to comprehension (preferably before her little boy goes to school and gets better than her)

Anthony at Charismatic Kid is vlogging about purging toys and cutting through the junk addiction – this is definitely one to watch.

Knackered Mother is having adventures in clothes shopping (and recommending some very nice wine whilst she’s at it)

Two Becomes Four has a bedroom dilemma – have you any advice for her?  Do straightjackets come in pink and blue?

Momma on the Rocks has a very perceptive little girl.

Frankie Parker is blogging with great clarity about the choices around assisted dying.

Crumbs and Pegs is looking back at her New Year resolutions and wondering where it all went wrong.

Me, the man & the baby is looking at toddler obsessions – I love the way this post looks.

New Day, New Lesson wonders if perhaps the way to achieve world peace might be by finding peace in ourselves and realising that we are all the same.

Expat Mum in Portugal has had some great news and is moving on from her crossroads

And the oops I forgot one prize goes to Red Ted Art who has a transport related set of arty activities to keep you moving!

And then the (hopefully) final entrant MummyMummyMum who is now officially a stay at home mum.

But she wasn’t Pants With Names came back with a great post about what has to give to try and hold it all together

And that’s all folks – is this the biggest carnival ever?

If you’ve been featured please make an effort to tweet, mention, blog or just chat about the carnival, please get out there and read some of the other posts and I’d love it if you stopped by here and said hi again sometime soon!

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