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The Friday Rant Club – can mothers in law stop being a joke

Sadly the truth is that the overbearing, over involved mother in law is not just the stuff of a Carry On film or a Two Ronnies sketch.

One poor groom to be has presumably spent this week hiding under his bed after his stepmother sent his bride-to-be a caustic email detailing just how she hadn’t come up to the standards expected of her and giving her a few pointers on how to behave in future (have a look here).

Pointers which obviously did not include don’t write things in an email that you may not like to have plastered across the nation’s newpapers.

Plastered is the word for it after the girl in question forwarded the email (which she’d been sent three times, to two different email addresses… which does rather make the ‘I sent it by mistake’ defence a little shaky) and then some friends forwarded it and well the rest is documented in the papers.

What is it with mothers and their inability to accept that their sons grow up and find a woman to love who isn’t them?

Its not that they are saying that they love their mothers less, just that there is another person in their life that addresses a different need (obviously not if you are Oedipus but he’s a bit of an exception)

So why is there still this battle between the female generations being fought?
Why don’t most mothers realise that if push comes to shove and if they force the matter there is a fairly large chance that their beloved son is going to side with the woman in his bed rather than the woman that used to change his nappies?

Surely both mother and mate have the same interests at heart, looking after the man in question rather than engaging in a tug-of-love?

Surely most partners realise that their mother in law is largely responsible for raising the boy that has turned into the man that they love?
Isn’t this a classic no-win situation where no party is going to end up anything other than miserable?

Why can’t people declare a truce, accept that behaving like an adult is the only way forward and realise that they are going to have to spend many, many years together and that at least pretending to get on and hiding any ructions under a facade of politeness will at least make life a little less unpleasant?

But then I guess we wouldn’t have the joys of mother in law jokes… actually isn’t an end to mother in law jokes the best reason for sorting this all out?

DISCLAIMER – this is not about my mother in law who gets on remarkably well with the two women her sons have settled down with despite the fact that nobody could be good enough for them!  Oh and has a killer strategy for getting on with us involving copious amounts of champagne and nearly never saying ‘poor Mr Muddling’… ok I may have fibbed about the last but its now an ongoing joke and the champagne more than makes up for it


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4 comments to The Friday Rant Club – can mothers in law stop being a joke

  • i read the news article and was laughing out loud especially when my mum texted asking was i sure it wasnt my mil, we havent had the easiest of relationships to the extent we legged it to grentna to get married, but things are settling now. It always confuses me I have a little girl and who ever she choses to marry same as if it was a boy will make me happy provided they care and love one another deeply!

  • This story was just so rude – how a woman who behaves like that can view herself as an example or higher standard of excellence is beyond me.

  • Boat-Wife

    I am so lucky; I LOVE my mother in law. She is a good friend to me, and we drink red wine (although I also like champagne).

  • The only thing about having three boys is that one day I will be the irritating mother in law though no irritation that a glass of champers can’t cure.

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