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Book review – The 52 Seductions

This time last year as I was wrestling with getting my mojo back I found a great blog.

You know a blog is a great blog when you read every single thing that’s posted and consider stalking the blogger.

Or at least get a monster crush on them where you want to rock up at their door, clutching a cake and saying ‘I want to be your new best friend’. Except you don’t, because that would be a touch creepy and stalkerish and you instead you read everything you can and follow them on Twitter.

This blog was called The 52 Seductions and chronicled Betty and Herbert’s journey to rekindle the sexual spark after 10 years of marriage.

It really resonated with me – this was someone else going through a similar journey to discover what sex means in a long term monogamous relationship.

But that wasn’t the whole of it.

This was someone who can write frankly, honestly and funnily about sex.

She doesn’t sound smutty or childish or downright obscene – this is sex as it really is, for real people by real people. And written unashamedly, written with the premise that sex is just sex – not a power play, not a joke, not something to be endured or bargained with but a real part of a real relationship.

I wasn’t the only person who loved her blog, publishers loved it too and Betty got asked to turn her blog into a book.

I was cheeky and begged for a review copy, desperate to find out if the paper version was as alluring as the blog had been.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The 52 Seductions is a great book.

I read it compulsively over a couple of days – completely drawn in by the story of her year rediscovering sex, herself and her husband.  People often say that they couldn’t put a book down and it only happens very rarely to me but this was definitely un-put-down-able – I felt I had to sit up and keep on reading and finding out what happened over the next page.  Yes I had read the seductions on her blog but in the book they are the framework around which an equally compelling story sits.  This is not just about the seductions, although they are a pivotal part of it, but about how a relationship can change and grow.

The 52 Seductions is published next week – if you’re looking for a good read go and grab a copy as soon as possible.

You won’t regret it.

You can also find Betty over at her new blog

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