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Its carnival time – send in your posts for inclusion

Sometimes I am so organised it astounds me, other times less so.  This is one of those good times – I’d put in my diary that I’m hosting the Brit Mums Blogger Carnival next Tuesday
Even better I’d checked the diary and so am able to write this now asking you to submit posts to be included.


The rules are very simple, one post per blogger that has been written in the last month and no commercial or sponsored posts.  If your post gets included then its considered nice to help publicise it with a post, tweet, link etc.


So there is no theme – I just want your great posts for me to include.


Leave a link below, send me an email or tweet me and I’ll do my best.  Contact details are over there on the top right.


If you want to make definitely sure you’re in get your posts over by Sunday night, I will accept posts up to Monday teatime but can’t guarantee they’ll be in the first version that goes up.


If you’d like to consider hosting a carnival the list of hosts can be found over here.


See you back here next Tuesday!

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