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We are not just Mummy bloggers

Assume that we are ‘just’ Mummy bloggers and you will be making a huge mistake.


Assume that we are ‘just’ anything and you are making a big mistake.


Even more so if you turn up to our conference having not bothered to look into who we are and what we do. ย And then tell us that. ย Or don’t bother to even work out what you are going to say before you stand up infront of us.


What we are is many things.


We are writers


We are photographers


We are articulate speakers


We have built businesses from our kitchen tables whilst raising our children


We have shared the breadth of our experiences so others travelling the same paths will know that they are not alone


We are funny


We are activists and we can (and do) change the world


We will write about our family and friends and then choose not to publish it if it might have repercussions and cause pain
We will write about our lives and refuse to be forced into a niche


We will be outspoken and take on preconceptions


We will laugh raucously and inappropriately


We will talk about dildos, children, lives and ISO (whatever that is) in the same conversation


Underestimate us and what we can do at your peril




With thanks to everyone I met at Cybermummy this weekend – it was a great time!


I would have put up a picture but I seem to have none that a suitable…


If you would like to read it, here is the blog post I read out during the Crowdsourced Keynote

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