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And relax…

What a day


There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you FINALLY manage to send the last work email and start turning off the laptop.  The feeling of tension starting to ease out of your shoulders and your brain starting to turn off.


I knew it wasn’t going to be a great one.  I knew it was going to be hard work but shesh has it been rubbish.  Deadlines were accelerated by 24 hours, I am working with two very different people who have two very distinct (and competing) views on how things should be done, and I feel as if I’ve spent all day trying to create something out of nothing whilst herding cats.


And tomorrow I get to do it all again.


I’m emotionally and physically shattered.


I’ve had to pull the working Mummy card with Bigger, you know, the one where I beg her to go to bed nicely so I can leave her upstairs whilst I take calls and hit the laptop.  You have only got to imagine how that makes me feel, not least when I realise its not normal that a very small girl knows enough to know that Mummy has to work and so understands that as an excuse.  Sigh.


So if you have a particularly amusing or uplifting post let me know – I might stay awake for long enough to read it… possibly

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