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The Friday Rant Club – give us some proper role models

Reading that Peter Andre has won Celebrity Dad of the Year for the second year running you could be forgiven for thinking it was April Fools Day.

Afterall the competition comprised James Corben who has been a Dad for about 5 minutes and Elton John and David Furnish who have also only been Dads for a few months but presumably get a special boost because they are gay and both dads and that they have been rather good in paying for their surrogate to FedEx them her breastmilk to give to their adopted baby but are any of these people really good role models for Dads?

I’m not sure I’d like any father to think that Peter Andre is a good role model.

Even skipping over the horror of Insania there’s the relentless self publicity, the awful way he exposes his children to the world in the ‘reality show’ that passes for his life and the horrific way those children have been used as accessories in the car crash of his marriage and break up from Katie Price.

Peter Andre may be the greatest Dad behind doors, when the cameras are switched off, its just that because those cameras are everywhere in his life we can see how he is as a parent.

And what we can’t forget that Peter Andre isn’t a normal Dad – he has numerous staff and to all intents and purposes seems to make time to play with the children but then hands them back to someone else for the dull stuff. It certainly doesn’t look that he’s the one getting up in the middle of the night when one of the children wakes up or is worrying about the wider consequences for his daughter of his former wife giving her a make over aged 2 and then posting the pictures on Twitter.

Why are we fuelling the perception that this is a picture of fatherhood that should be encouraged?

Instead we should be celebrating those Dads who do great things quietly and away from the gaze of the paparazzi.

We should be celebrating the Dads who get up in the middle of the night without being elbowed in the ribs, who deal with mega nappy explosions without making too much fuss and then remember to put the nappy bag outside, who spend hours constructing train tracks only to have a toddler destroy them in seconds and then have to build it again.

We should find a Dad of the Year who admits to wanting to spend more time with his children and worries that his work is taking him away too much, who reads hours of princess stories to his daughters despite secretly having hoped for a boy, who has learnt how to wrestle with putting tights on a wriggling baby without either being reduced to tears.

We should have pictures in the press of Dads cuddling their children on the sofa before bed, of Dads dozing with a newborn baby asleep on their chest, of Dads trying to change carburettas with help from small children, of games of football and bubbles at bathtime.

What we really should not have is any suggestion that exposing every detail of your child’s life to the world makes you a good parent.

Thank you to Very Bored for triggering this rant – read her take on it over here


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