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Notes from my smallholding – the first fruits of the garden

I always look forward to the time of year when the veggie patch stops being just about digging and weeding and when it starts to be also about picking the produce and eating it!


I’ve been rejoicing that we’ve had lots of lovely rain this last week.


Not only are my new borders flourishing in the wetter conditions (hopefully no more plants will die from the drought and the only problem we’ll continue to have are the local deer finding some things too tasty to leave them alone) but the veggie patch is looking a lot better for a few decent soakings.


We’re about a week away from trying out the first of the new potatoes.  Entirely my fault that we’re starting the potato season so late – I didn’t plant them out early enough.


Once we start on potatoes though I have three different varieties for us so we should be good for potatoes well through the rest of the year AND I get the benefits of their roots and the digging up of the tubers helping to sort out the two newest beds and to properly get them into production.


But the best news is that the salad bed is up and looking great and we have had our first, incredibly tasty bowl of salad leaves – 6 different varieties in case you are interested, plus the weeds I haven’t managed to extract.


And we had an ENORMOUS bowl of raspberries from the various raspberry canes scattered around the place.  Can anyone explain why the canes outside the veggie patch are doing better than the ones inside the veggie patch?  Is just typical.


So roll on next weekend and our first potatoes!


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