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Dairy free life – victoria sponge

Who doesn’t love cake?  And why should having to cut out dairy mean no more cake?  Well it doesn’t, here’s a great little (and fast) recipe for a lovely light dairy free victoria sponge.
I had meant to try using oat cream in the filling but ran out of time and to be honest the strawberry jam did a great job.  At least I’m guessing it did based on the speed with which it was eaten and the number of times people came back for more.

Dairy free victoria sponge

225g self raising flour

225g dairy free spread, e.g. Pure

225g caster sugar

2tsp baking powder

4 eggs

Strawberry jam to fill

Bung all of the ingredients into a large bowl and combine.  In an ideal world use a mixer but failing that you can do it by hand and you will burn off more calories that way.

Grease two 20cm cake tins and line the bottoms with oiled greaseproof paper.

Split the mixture evenly between the two tins.

Pop in an oven at 180 degrees C for 20 minutes.  If you are using an Aga they need 20 minutes on the grid rack on the bottom of the Aga with the cold plain shelf on the 2nd set of rungs.  If you aren’t using an Aga that bit was gibberish to you.

Leave to cool in the tins and once cool, take off the greaseproof paper, place one cake on the plate, spread jam all over the top and then flip the top cake so that the bottom bit, i.e. the flat bit, is on top.  Shake over some icing sugar and serve.


Oh and if you want references to say it was ok check in with Claire & Lisa.

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21 comments to Dairy free life – victoria sponge

  • That was a scrummy cake 🙂 I’ll be happy to try it again just to check though… X

  • easy,best tasting dairy free cake yet…Thanks for posting

  • Nicola

    Thank you so much for this! I tried this yesterday and it was delicious!

    • Hannah Brewer

      Eggs do not come from the mammary glands of a bovine and so are not dairy – trust me, chickens have not yet been classified as cows

      With a child with a dairy allergy you get quite good at knowing what is / isn’t (although plenty with a dairy allergy do have an egg allergy)

  • […] the compulsion kicks in and I find myself sucked into the culinary vortex.  Fortunately I have a foolproof sponge cake and a few sneaky tricks up my sleeve (PLEASE let the pink marble cake idea work this year….) […]

  • Sandra mapstone

    Thank you so much for a delicious and easy cake.we celebrated a birthday and Easter together and the cake made it extra special.It was easy to make,was light and tasty.To add decoration I purchased some marshmallow Easter figures.Everyone was able to enjoy the cake even though most of them didn’t realise it was dairy free! Looking forward to trying some of your other recipes. X

  • OH WOW! This looks so good, i recently found out i was allergic to dairy. SO I have been trying out different dairy free recipes, I shall have to try this out!

    I recently made a dairy free ice cream which you can see here: http://snapgracklepop.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/healthy-dairy-free-ice-cream.html

  • Barbara Adlington

    I guess you mean to use the top oven of the Aga. When you say second set of rungs can you clarify if this is counting from the top or the bottom?
    Many thanks – keen to try the recipe for a birthday cake .

    • Hannah Brewer

      Hi Barbara – yes the top, roasting oven and yes, counting the rungs from the bottom of the oven – so rack on the floor and then the cold plain shelf about 12 cm above (have you seen my chocolate cake recipe? It makes a great birthday cake too)

  • Emily

    Loved the recipe! So delicious! The mixture looked a little stiff to me so I added a splash or two of soya milk and it worked well 🙂

  • Rebecca Gibbs

    Hi there
    I’m just wondering how long this cake stays fresh for. I have a friend who wants a cake for her little girl that is dairy free but I want to allow time for decorating.
    And will this sponge freeze well.
    Many Thanks

  • Richard

    How many does this serve? I need a dairy free cake to serve about 18 birthday party guests. If less, can I just multiply the ingredients accordingly do you think?

    • Hannah Brewer

      Hi Richard I reckon that normal sized slices it does 6-8 so double up should work but be careful baking double the mixture, perhaps better to go more layers and avoid soggy middles

  • Anne

    I loved the cake. I added a little coconut milk to loosen the mixture. I too avoid using too much soya
    I’ve been dairy free for over 15 years and in the last few years the choices of dairy free produce has been magnificent
    I have been amazed over the years the number of people, even in catering, who think that dairy includes eggs. I now describe myself as milk product-free, but even then they don’t think that cheese or chocolate comes from milk
    My son has been experimenting with your mixture to make me homemade dark chocolate orange layer on the cake, similar to j**fa

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