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The Cybermummy parellel session

I have to admit to having been a bit dithery about going to Cybermummy.


Not that it wasn’t fab last year, not that I didn’t get to meet lots of lovely bloggers and embarass myself wearing a blonde wig (and even worse not looking half as good in it as Josie*… sigh) or even that I got to stand up and read one of my posts as part of the wonderful hour that was the crowdsourced keynote (they’re doing it again this year, remember to bring tissues, I’ve even been lucky enough to be chosen to read again!).




I’m not really into the my blog taking over the world thing, I mean like anyone else I’d love it if I could find a way that this blog became the thin end of a wedge into a new set of opportunities but I am a realist and I know that that is so so unlikely (but it would still be nice to dream, wouldn’t it?)


The real reason I am going to Cybermummy is not really for the seminars, although I’m sure that they are going to be fab, but instead its for the networking – its for the time I’m going to spend to the bloggers I really want to spend time with, its going to be for the chance to have many great conversations and to get to know people that I only know through their blogs or twitter – its to make that connection between the cyberworld and the real world.


So whilst of course I’ll be there for the keynote by Sarah Brown (try keeping me away!), after the coffee break there are going to be great sessions going on and there are things that you might like to sit in and to learn from, but I will be skipping those two lots of breakout sessions and rather hoping that if you can’t find something you really like the look of, you’ll come along, say hello and we can have a natter – think of it as an alternative session, a coffee morning, a chance to spend a little time putting faces to blogs and tweets.


In fact the wonderful organisers have set it up so there is lots of comfy space to break out from proceedings if you so wish. ย Oh and masseuses too…!


The teeny tiny problem with this is that I don’t have a terribly recent photo (apart from the rather formal work one done recently) so you’re going to have to go off my twitter avatar and try and deal with the lack of sequins on the day. ย That said, I may go with a big badge or more silly hair…


So – drop me your details below and in 25 days make sure you come over, say hello


If you feel like it, post something on your blog so I know who I’m going to meet – at least give me a chance to know what you look like!


*Look here she is…

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