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Submerged by life

Normally when Mr Muddling is away I get an opportunity to catch up with life – instead his  trips away this week seems to have co-incided with me being submerged by everything.

We had one of those weekends which are great fun – catching up with family and friends.  But they do leave you tired, and with nothing done on your to do list which means you still have heaps to try and catch up with so that you aren’t still trying to catch up by the time another weekend comes around.

Whilst he’s away I should be using the time to get myself sorted – battling the ironing mountain, blogging, reading blogs, getting on with the Far Too Big Blanket.

Instead I’m barely able to do more than collapse on the sofa.

Work continues to be less than brilliant.

Massive understatement that.
Bossman has yet to do anything really about my flexible working request.  We have to have another chat about it at some point which is bound to be unbridled joy and delight assuming that I can get him to focus on one thing for more than a nano second.

I feel that there is so much that I ought to be doing and yet I’m managing to do so little.  Again the guilt that I’m so wiped out by everything.  Why can’t I find the mojo to rediscover my get up and go?  Why has my get up and go got up and gone?

I’m sure that there is nothing going on that time won’t resolve.  Normal service will resume shortly.

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14 comments to Submerged by life

  • Stop doing all the crappy things gorgeous and do something for yourself – that will give you some energy.
    Big hugs xxxx

    • Muddling Along

      Trouble is that most of the crappy things still need to be done and then there isn’t time for the nice stuff… But it is a good point to carve out some time for me (just need the small people to get back into sleeping mode again)

  • I know the feeling, my husband works away from home most weeks and it is shattering, but the weekends come and go soooo fast, that it seems you can never catch up. All us mums, need a stopwatch to stop time and give us a chance to catchup, either that or a maid! I’ll take the maid, please

    • Muddling Along

      Its that not feeling ever caught up I hate – the weekends rush past and I want to enjoy them but there is so much to do (chores tend to fall on a Saturday) – wish I had one of those time turner things from Harry Potter to give me a chance to catch up (either that or a morning off!)

  • Ah, I know this feeling well. The one where your “to do” list grows faster than you can tick things off. I find wine helps. As does an early night. Afterall, there’s always tomorrow. x

    • Muddling Along

      My lists almost are at the stage where they need lists – if I thought about it I could add so many more things on but its just miserable not getting enough ticked off

      Good point about the early night – a dose of iron has helped too, feel a little less like a wreck now

  • Sigh. I need to deliver you a teapot, and fill it with gin for a catch up and misery exchange. How about that vixen night out soon? xx

    • Muddling Along

      A gin filled teapot sounds wonderful – don’t suppose these is any chance you are around next week? And a vixen night out for sure

  • Hang on in there. The teapot/gin idea is inspired.

    • Muddling Along

      I am wondering if I can bring the teapot into work – it’ll look lovely on my desk (and nobody needs to know about the gin right?)

  • I just had a moment like this of feeling totally submerged and blogged about it in a poem of sorts so who am I to offer advice?

    But try to take a deep breathe and take things one step at a time. I often don’t do this and then get overwhelmed.

    And I hope the flexible working comes through for you. I am lucky to have a flexible arrangement and have seen it denied for many friends but also granted after some persistence. I have my fingers crossed for you.

    • Muddling Along

      Am definitely in need of time to breathe and relax – trying to remember to do so is harder though

      Flexible working thing is going nowhere and I need to decide what to do – on the plus side I have a week off next week so hopefully a bit of time out to take stock

  • Ah yes, you know I can relate to this one. And then of course it’s mid term this week (so all kids home) and there’s been an ahem change in my work situation also. Vxx

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