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Watch out its the end of the world

The Reverend Harold Camping is absolutely convinced that the world will end today.

So should I even be wasting time writing this?

Should I have an alternative post up in case it happens that says ‘oops’ but then I guess there will be nobody around to read it and no computers to read it on so that might be a bit weird.

But anyway it appears that the world is ending – only issue I guess is when its going to happen.  We’re off for a BBQ and a bouncy castle party at a friend’s house and I’d really rather not drive over an hour if we’re going to all expire as I get there – although I guess singing along to the wheels on the bus for an hour up the M1 might get me to a place where I’d be quite happy for the world to end.

To be honest the whole ‘the world is going to end on x date’ people haven’t got a great track record.  It has been said it would happen before and oh look, here we all are still.  There was even the whole Y2K thing that turned out to be a bit of a damp squib when we didn’t all find ourselves back in the Dark Ages and bereft of computers.

I do wonder if they have had anyone check out their maths to make sure that they have got the calculation right – be awfully bad to have said its Saturday when it turned out to be Friday.  Not sure what the karmic payback for predicting the wrong date for the end of the world it.  Also not quite sure what you do if you and your church have all got together for the end of the world and it doesn’t happen.  Going to be a slight let down.  In a good way, obviously, apart from the whole having publicly got it rather wrong.

I guess we shall see…

Or not…

And I’m putting my money on me still having to go into work on Monday morning.  Sigh

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4 comments to Watch out its the end of the world

  • I read this too this morning, all about ‘the end is nigh’ but if it’s going to happen today, not much point in worrying because there wont be any time to worry. But apparently this Reverend, also made the same claims in 1994, but not to worry someone will be making money from it. Long live capitalism and Im sure it will be long lived.

  • You really have to wonder how all these fundamentalists get their heads round it not happening. To be SO sure and then for it not to happen has got to leave them standing there feeling pretty stupid and presumably questioning their faith. Or maybe not….

  • Thing is, he must genuinely have believed it himself, mustn’t he? How does one recover from not one but two failed predictions – especially when they were so specific?

    • Muddling Along

      We were saying this at the weekend – its a bit of a PR disaster to get it wrong once, twice is a different matter entirely. Have to hope that he doesn’t try for a third attempt or maybe it’ll be third time lucky!

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