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Banging my head against a virtual brick wall

I don’t consider myself obsessed by my blog – its become something that fits in around my life and that has become a hobby.  I don’t have enough time to do everything I would like to, to re-read and edit posts, to read more blogs and generally to have time to think rather than sneaking in the odd 15 minutes here or there to tap out another post.
It also means I’m terrible at doing all the stuff that you’re supposed to around publicising your blog – I don’t publish my blogs posts anywhere but here, I have various slightly broken internet things that I haven’t got around to fixing (yes, Networked Blogs I’m looking at you!) and then there are things I know I should crack but I don’t have the time to get them properly sorted.

About 18 months ago I wrestled with Technorati and after three attempts at claiming and deleting claims I FINALLY managed to get a claim approved!  Incredibly the authority figure ticked up (and then for some reason would drop like a stone for 48 hours before pinging back) and all was good.

Except I got ahead of myself and moved the blog over to WordPress.
I don’t regret the WordPress move – WordPress is far better than Blogger and has the added benefit that because I’m self-hosted there is no way that anyone can delete my blog by ‘accident’ or design.  Its here and its staying here (or at least until I get bored of it).

In fact once I stopped being scared of WordPress it was great, more things to play around with, easier to play around with and generally a much better place.

Except one teeny tiny wrinkle.
A Technorati sized wrinkle.
As a good blogger I had a list of things to solve once I’d moved and reclaiming my feed at Technorati with the new updated feed was one of those.

That was 6 months ago and despite trying several times I can claim a feed using my new RSS feed but Technorati will switch it right back to my old feed for some reason.  I’ve tried asking for help, many many many times.  I’ve even been told I was on a queue for it to be solved but nothing, nada, rien has happened.
Amusingly I can see the links coming into my blog but my authority stays at 1, my last blog post is one written 25 weeks ago.  And can I find a way to unlock this oh no – I’ve tried leaving messages on their ‘support’ boards, I’ve tried reclaiming, I’ve tried ignoring it and I’ve tried begging but NOTHING is working.  I cannot find someone who can simply go into their system and delete a few letters and make my feed the one I am actually using now.

So I remain stuck in limbo and frustrated by not being able to do anything.
Do you know a way to get Technorati to sit up and solve things?  Do you know a techno geek who has a magic wand they can wave?  Or do I just need to sit back and put up with it and know that things like the Tots100 will continue to look at this score and I’ll continue to have no score in this category.

Right – I’m off to bang my head against this virtual brick wall again – do let me know if you have the answer.


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