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Tales from my smallholding – digging, done!

Despite being slightly hindered by the willing help of the two small people, yesterday turned out to be a good day in the veggie patch! 

Not only did we finish digging over all the beds, including the last one that I was leaving because the soil is all heavy because next door’s  cess pit keeps overflowing into that corner of the patch and because its full of weeds and basically the unloved corner of the patch.  Everyone has one of those don’t they?  The bit that you leave to last because its just not as good as the rest?

Anyway after a stern talking to myself and reminding myself that the whole place was overgrown and weed ridden and full of stones 3 years ago I dug it over and have planted the last of the potatoes in it in the hope they’ll help break up the soil, and give me something that I know grows well there so it won’t get so neglected in future.

We also planted out the peas that I’ve been nurturing on the living room window.  This is the third year I’m attempting peas.  So far we’ve not had enough off to make even one meal so perhaps this year will be better… or not… perhaps I’m just not meant to grow peas.  We shall see.
We also planted out the salad plants and despite being trampled by my little helpers hopefully we’ll be into the lovely world of going out and cutting our own salad in a few weeks!

The leeks and onions are steadily growing, we’ve got the first stirrings of the carrots and the next batch of spinach and the early potatoes are sprouting up and looking good.

I’ve also replaced the rosemary bush that something dug up and ate (yes chickens, I’m looking at you!) and planted out a bay tree in the herb bed.

And best of all, the asparagus is doing really well and its only another year to go until we can eat it!

Only problem is that all the digging and weeding has made my poor sore shoulder all sore again – but hey, for another few months the majority of digging is done!

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6 comments to Tales from my smallholding – digging, done!

  • Looks like it’s really coming on. We’re living out of flower pots this year but in 12 months time I hope to have a good plot going too. Hope you found my Dad’s blog helpful… if you ever have any questions, just drop him a comment as he responds to every gardening question he receives.

    • Muddling Along

      Considering where we were it’s doing well – just a continual battle against weeds, stones and rabbits

      Hadn’t realised that was your Dad – great site

  • Yummy mummy hk

    I love my life here in hk but the one thing I miss (except the family and Henley regatta) is my garden. I have a hundred pots of herbs on my balcony, which itself overlooks a huge swathe of green hillside, but no digging or catching snails.

    Enjoy the salad, I’m jealous!

    • Muddling Along

      Aw but there are other benefits from being there – would offer to courier some salad over but don’t think it’d make it through customs

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