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A Great British Holiday

Funny how its strange little things that can unlock memories you had totally forgotten – for me its been the sound of windbreaks flapping in the breeze.  Ok it was far more than a breeze, it was more like a gale but suddenly I was transported back to my childhood and sitting on a beach in the raging wind.
And it being a Great British Holiday we were on the beach, wearing our shorts but with at least two jumpers on, barefoot and leaping in the sea and determined to enjoy our holiday. 

We have built sandcastles and discovered how to make volcanos.  And unsurprisingly Mr Muddling took the original 1970s volcano design and played around with it, sorry improved it.  Talk about pimp your volcano!

We have gone on walks along the clifftops and discovered that Bigger is half small child, half mountain goat.
We have shrimped in rockpools and fallen into those rockpools.

We have shaken a mountain of sand out of our belongings and removed sand from Littler’s incredible eyelashes which really weren’t designed for sitting on a windswept beach.

And we then had a blissful day with no wind, perfect conditions and sat on the beach quaffing a glass of something nice whilst the girls romped around our feet and we enjoyed being on holiday very much.

We have dithered over going overseas, of travelling and taking the girls somewhere nice but the trouble is that I don’t think we’d find a lot of dairy free in France or anywhere exotic and its a long way to go and there are these great places, not so far away and not involving plane trips.
Instead we travelled by train which was very exciting and where there aren’t luggage restrictions and where if you pre-book seats you can have a table for the girls to play under and over.  And I discovered that Colour Wonder colouring books are WONDERFUL  – no mess and Bigger was happily occupied for ages.  And you can take a picnic which includes something nice for the adults and then try and not be too worried about the trail of breadsticks and raisins that you scatter in your wake every time (and there will be lots of times because the loos have lots of lovely buttons to press) you go to the loo.

This year we are embracing the Great British Holiday – we went north this time and we’re going south in the summer.  Who cares if the temperature isn’t quite the South of France, we have jumpers and we’re not afraid to wear them on the beach

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10 comments to A Great British Holiday

  • Great post 🙂 We will be sticking to the Uk this year too. We have two kids one 11 & one 3 and it seems that sometimes its the simple things we do that makes them happiest. Exploring & water never fails 🙂

  • AMEN to that. I did enjoy our first family holiday abroad last year, but god the FAFF of it all. We’re going to cornwall this year, gorgeous house right on the beach. Probably it will rain but who cares, that oldDanish saying comes to mind ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes’.

    Love the photo montage, nice work my friend xx

  • Annicles

    We haven’t been abroad since my youngest, who is now 6 and a half was born. We decided that until everyone was old enough to travel light and enjoy the destination we would stay in the UK and have a good time. We have enjoyed it so much that we haven’t even thought about sorting out passports so it is definitely another summer in the UK!

  • We really do have a beautiful, varied country and it’s sad that so many people head in search of sun instead of enjoying our own home grown pleasures. There are beaches in the UK that are hard to beat – Pembroke, Norfolk, Northumberland to mention a few. We’ve also a lovely, green and lush countryside, in contrast to some of the sun-charred wastelands of some overseas holiday destinations.

    If my kids had water to splash in, they’d be happy going to Wolverhampton on holiday…

    It sounds like you’re all having a ball, fab photos too!

  • Interesting point about the Dairy-Free abroad. I think the french would probably ask you to leave, wouldn’t they?

    I love my UK holidays and am determined to ensure Lara has as good UK holiday memories as I do. We’re off to Hereford to stay on a farm later this year but we are doing South of France next week – thats for us, not her!

    I still maintain that, as well travelled as I am, there is NOTHING that beats the Great British Countryside.

    • Muddling Along

      I’m fairly certain that asking the French to provide dairy free would result in someone exploding on the spot – no butter? no cheese? no milk? Quoi?

      I love travelling but its so nice to be within your comfort zone

  • Mr C & I have never even been abroad together. I love holidays in this country, although we usually just head to Cornwall to visit family but I am looking at going to Norfolk later in the year for a change.

    • Muddling Along

      Norfolk is lovely – our summer looks like being the Isle of Wight to stay with family and then hopefully more time in Wales – it may not be adventurous but its a lovely holiday

  • Lake District Guy

    Staycations are definitely in this year. Let’s hope we get some good weather for everyone holidaying in the UK. Fingers crossed.
    I’ll be going to the Lake District, but I’m biased!

    • Muddling Along

      Never been to the Lake District but hopefully will soon

      Fingers and toes crossed for lovely weather (although strangely wearing jumpers and shorts on the beach seems perfectly normal in the UK!)

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