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No David Cameron you ‘calm down dear’

I do wonder what on earth David Cameron was thinking today when he suggested during Prime Minister’s Questions that Angela Eagle, the Shadow Treasury Secretary, ‘calm down, dear‘.


Now admittedly I may be another of those hysterical women who are going to overreact to this sort of thing but you know what, I’ve had enough of men quietly undermining women by suggesting that we somehow aren’t up to the job because we are ruled by our emotions. ┬áThat we should shut up, put up and get out of the heat of the fire because we are just not good enough to get by in the world of proper serious men.


And breathe.


And this comment is not some up at the moment, trendy comment, its channelling an advert that features a misogynistic bore and that was toe curlingly awful when it first hit TV screens 9 years ago.


What is more, for all the spin that the Tory party are going to pull over the course of the next few days as they try to down play this comment and undoubtedly they are going to, because afterall 51% of the electorate are women, it doesn’t change that this is the sort of comment that I encounter in my working life and that I am sick to the back teeth of.


And yes I’m sure we are all going to hear lots about how David Cameron respects his wife, his mother, the female Tory MPs and that how he really does, no really does consider women equal to men and able to compete equally with them.


What is more, if a person isn’t sexist, doesn’t have even a teeny tiny sexist seed at the back of their mind, if they truly believe in equality then sexist little put downs like this don’t leap out when they are under pressure.


If you are against sexism then when a woman comes along and challenges you forcibly about your plans for the NHS you don’t revert to sexist putdowns, you treat them in the same way you would male MPs .


And if you do it just highlights that you are a grass misogynistic plonker rather like the man in the advert.


And probably not the sort of person I would want to vote for because you know what, I’ve spent the last year getting away from people like this, in rebuilding my professional esteem after years of being treated like this – this behaviour is not appropriate and no amount of apologising is going to make those words David Cameron has said go away.


Its going to be interesting seeing how this plays out.


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11 comments to No David Cameron you ‘calm down dear’

  • Eek. It makes me want to punch people when they tell me to calm down like that.

  • Well said. I refuse to even look at the news item itself, I might need to be told to calm down if I did…

    • Muddling Along

      You would be – the actual moment is on the link on my post, it was the shortest I could find

      It may be that I’m working with someone who makes my feminist hackles rise at the moment but why are we still having to deal with this rubbish?

  • What a patronising arse. Why the hell can a woman not have an opinion or be able to raise issues and discuss things in a grown up manner without some jerk dismissing it all as silly women’s nonsense. This man makes my blood boil for so many reasons. He’s just added yet another to that long list.

  • Mrs T

    I have to say I didn’t find it remotely sexist, just a bit patronising, and he’s similarly patronising to male opposition MPs, if not a bit more personal in his insults. Didn’t seem to particularly bother Angela Eagle either. People are very thin-skinned about this sort of thing.

  • Troy

    Michael Winner’s comment in the advert was made firmly tongue in cheek and I’m sure DC’s was likewise.
    And I’m thinking that it is actually impossible to come up with a truly adequate insult to those people who so spectacularly screwed up our country.

  • Kat

    I agree with absolutely everything you have written.

    DC has said ‘Calm down dear’ in parliament before. Four years ago, to David Milliband. In light of that nugget I put this weeks incident down to him being a supreme knob at all times.

  • He is a complete and utter wanker. K (still smarting from his ex-party siding with the Tories) has been fuming about it all week, and how it could result in a tribunal in the (normal, non-parliamentary) workplace.

    • Muddling Along

      Exactly – its just condescending tripe (and I guess it hit a nerve because I’ve been treated like that and I hate it) – also not pleased that the LibDems appear to have totally sold out, poor Nick Clegg is not looking like he’s getting the best out of his pact with the proverbial devil

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