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Happy Easter! Only question is how to explain it to the children

Happy Easter!


I hope you are all having a lovely long weekend and the weather is as beautiful for you as it is up here – I’ve got the kitchen door open, the grass is green, the sky is blue and the sun is shining.


Sadly as a result of all of these I can almost see the weeds and the grass growing whilst I do something other than try and keep them under control…


It struck me in amongst the eggs and the baskets and the fluffy chicks that Easter is actually a difficult one to explain.  We headed to church this morning and I realised that I wasn’t sure how to explain the Easter story to Bigger.


Do you say its about God loving us?


Or about Jesus dying for us?  And then how will a 3 year old understand the dying bit when she doesn’t know about death?


Or about Jesus rising from the dead?  Again tricky for so many reasons.


Or is it about the cycle of new life and renewal and is that too non religious to get through potential questioning by our priest?


So yet again I side stepped the question but by next year I need a suitable way to talk about this.


What do you recommend?  How to you describe Easter to a toddler without upsetting them?  How does the Easter bunny and eggs fit into all this?  And in a dairy free household how to you deal with the whole Easter = chocolate thing?

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7 comments to Happy Easter! Only question is how to explain it to the children

  • http://www.muminthemadhouse.com/2011/03/a-pause-in-lent-easter-for-children/ my friend wrote a letter for the boys to try and explain things a little better. Regarding the egg thing, why not try making your own?

  • hm, I did explain to my just 4 year old that it’s about Jesus dying and rising again. We have talked a lot about death though, but interestingly, it’s very simple to a pre-schooler: dead = eyes closed, eyes open = you’re alive again. No upset, honest.
    We’re not a religious household (I think), but I still felt I should answer the question “what is Easter” when she asked me. Maybe I’m a bit naive though, I answer every question without thinking much about it!

    • Muddling Along

      I hadn’t realised that – I just found myself on Sunday morning faced with the prospect of our priest asking Bigger about Easter and no idea how to make it 3 year old compliant (our church doesn’t have a lot of children and I’m unusual in taking 2 girls on my own… no idea what they think of me turning up with a bump then a succession of babies and never a husband!)

  • I was thinking about this today, mostly in a guilty way. I have taken no steps to raise my children in a Christian way. MrSpud is a committed non-believer. I’m a believer in a kind of apathetic way, but I was raised as a strict Catholic. I always assumed I’d do the same for my children, but MrSpud’s horror at the idea was way, way stronger than my desire to do so —so I’ve just let it go.

    So Easter was all about chocolate. Bertie knows a bit about God from school, but i’ve never had The Big Questions really. MrSpud tells them that some people believe in God and Jesus and heaven etc etc, but he doesn’t.

    Sigh. This stuff is so SO hard. Makes my head ache. x

    • Muddling Along

      Makes my head ache – I’m a typical liberal catholic and from x generations of catholics and yet am the most catholic of my family… and I want to pass it on but in a take it with a pinch of salt way my liberal 70s parents gave me…

      So tough knowing how to deal with it, and I guess we’re lucky that its a small village church

  • Ah that’s where sending my kids to Catholic school comes in handy. They’re always way ahead of me in that department. But I’m lightning quick when it comes to sex education, so we each have our respective strengths.

    • Muddling Along

      I’m a weirdy liberal Catholic so do struggle with what the ‘correct’ response to these things should be – and then Mr is an aetheist sitting the corner asking for the scientific explanation of rising from the dead… as you say we each have our strengths

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