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Friday Rant Club – enough of this sleb culture

I mean seriously you people of the medja what has happened?


I mean what kind of role models are there out there?


Come on let’s have a look at all these mags and let’s have a check –  the underlying message is be thin, be superficial, be whatever for a few inches in one of the magazines.  And you know what, get rid of any self respect and make sure that you tell these magazines EVERYTHING.  Let no thought of discretion cross your mind.  Don’t worry about over sharing and making sure that every sordid detail of your life is paraded out for the delectation of the man or woman in the street.


And for heaven’s sake don’t think about what your children will feel like reading all this in the future.


Yet its all glorified and its supposed to be this thing that we’re all supposed to want to attain.


And then you flick through and there’s a thousand pound handbag because that’s something we should want and be able to afford to have.


So come on – who’s up for a bonfire of these worthless piles of rubbish?



The Friday Rant Club is a chance to get things off your chest before the weekend – feel free to write you own post or leave a comment below & unburden yourself.


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1 comment to Friday Rant Club – enough of this sleb culture

  • Annicles

    Yes please. I’ll have a bonfire with you. Especially as, despite my best efforts to arm my daughters against the body facism that is rife, I still had my 6 year old ask me if she was fat and my 10 year old worrying about shaving her legs. There’s enough to worry about in the world without this crap.

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