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Tales from my smallholding – give up Mother Nature you’re not getting it back!

Been a busy weekend up here at Muddling Towers.

The girls and I have been out in the veggie patch continuing our battle against the sea of weeds.

Four years ago where our veggie patch is now was a mass of overgrown raspberry canes, various other out of control weeds and a few currant bushes.  Now its 6 vegetable beds which are mostly under control.  Or at least only under control if I wage a continuous war on the weeds.

Year by year by year we are gradually getting there.  But it does feel like an uphill battle.

Each year we’ve claimed back a bit of ground from nature and each year nature battles to get it back.

The potatoes are in and starting to sprout through (!) in the newest bed – hopefully doing their business breaking everything up.  This will be the bed where I discovered the paving slabs down about 8 inches – can’t say I’m convinced I have them all out.

And even better the asparagus bed is doing ok – some of the plants seem to have survived the winter and the unwanted attentions of the chickens and are sprouting away.  I am trying really, really, really hard to not give in and try some – only another year to go before we’re allowed to eat some of it.

So another year on and another set of wheelbarrows of weeds chucked onto the compost heap.

What does it take to get Mother Nature to give up?

Only trouble is that I’m so shattered I’m going to be able to do no more than collapse on the sofa for the evening.

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8 comments to Tales from my smallholding – give up Mother Nature you’re not getting it back!

  • Flaf

    I hear ya. My allotment is a constant battle with couchgrass and bindweed. Mostly the grass though. It’s too sodding fast and so embedded. I’ve carted buckets & buckets of roots to the bonfire pile. This year, to try and tip things our way, I’ve backed down and used glysophate on the front half as too much digging brings back my SPD. Nature is a bitch. (Still v ‘cited about my fruit patch and broad beans are flowering – woo!)

    • Muddling Along

      It just feels as if its a constant battle to try and keep it for me – more of a pitched battle if I’m being honest

      Broad beans flowering already??? Not feeling inadequate at all *weeps*

  • blink and another weed appears, its like that here too!

  • Julsey

    Did you wear your gardening gloves?

    I have planted, raddish, lettuce, spinach, oinions, rocket ummm are you any good at sweet peas, and what to you say to a sunflower on everyone of my veggie beds! Do the kids grow sunflowers in your veggie beds????


    • Muddling Along

      Ahem well most of the time… actually looking at my hands obviously not enough

      We’re going to do sunflowers – not had much luck with sweet peas but have some in pots for this year… watch & wait!

  • We are so wanting an allotment, I settle for a ton of tubs and some raised beds in our small garden

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