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Happy Blog Birthday to me! And a huge box of chocolates for you!

480 posts and two years together on this blog.  Who’d a thunk it.

A blog that started out a rather alarming shade of purple and has since morphed into its current pink and white version.

A blog that I started to give me an opportunity to write (or should that be rant?) about things that I didn’t feel a had a voice for.
A blog that has been a lifeline to be through my horrid pregnancy with Littler and her tough early days.
A blog that has opened to be a whole wide world of opportunities that I’d never have found otherwise (you can hear my radio debut here  – I am going to blog about it soon, I promise).
A blog that has introduced me to some people I now consider friends in the ‘real’ world.
But most importantly a blog that enables me to air the things rattling around my head and to enjoy writing.

And it would all be nothing without the people who come here and read and comment.

So I’ve blown the proceeds of a recent sponsored post on an E-NOR-MOUSE box of chocolates* to say thank you to one of you (or you could all share?  Not sure how the logistics of that would work though)


Would be great if you could subscribe via the google thingy over on the right (especially if you’ve not updated your subscription since I moved feeds last year and yes there are 115 people still following the wrong feed… yes you over there, come on and get the right thing please!), if you could ‘like’ my Facebook page and promise to come back regularly and leave lots of lovely comments but I realise that those are often a hassle so instead whilst I’d really like you to do these things actually all you need to do is leave a comment below so I can pull your name out of a bag one week today.

Thank you for having been here along the journey and hopefully we can travel on together for a long time to come.

* Delivery into the UK and Europe and the US, rest of the world is a bit harder, sorry

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