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Those MAD bloggers

Say what you will about bloggers but most people wouldn’t expect that you could put a bunch of us in a room and we’d have a lovely, jolly time but yes that was the MAD blog awards last year.  Most people would have expected a room full of people with B.O. called Bob but no it was very different.
I was really lucky to be a runner up in the Best Baby Blog category and to get to go along.  It was a fun evening and what was even more fun was watching people make fools of themselves too.

Heather from Notes from Lapland won the top prize and also came up with the best quote ever when she announced the winner of best photo blog ‘everyone loves photos’…..  and I guess for completeness you should see her accepting her award (apologise for the squeaking noises, I think someone on our table had had a bit to drink.  Ahem)

This year’s nominations are open in 15 different categories ranging from best baby blog to most innovative blogger.  Go on over and have a look at them and put forward your favourites for consideration.

I’d love a nomination if you fancied putting me forward and I’m starting to pull together a list of all the blogs I want to nominate.  Trouble is that there are so many great blogs that I may have to try and invent a whole range of alter-egos so I can nominate them all*


*Don’t try this at home, they’ve cleverly worked out how to only allow one entry per person

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3 comments to Those MAD bloggers

  • ahh it could have been worse. It could have been the one of me drunkenly trying to pronounce “best MAD photography blog”. I can’t say that properly now and I’m sober!

    It was a very cool evening. I shall certainly nominate you when I do mine. Now if I can just find someone to pay for my flights again this year and we can re-enact some of those drunken photos!

    • Muddling Along

      I can’t believe I didn’t have that recorded… darn

      If I get to go again I’m going to be a model of restraint and decorum (and I’m not going into work the next morning!)

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