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Dithering over my blog/life divide

I’m having a monster dither and wondered if you could help.

This Saturday I’m going to be doing something incredibly exciting.  Nick from My Daddy Cooks  has asked me go on his radio show – partly to talk about the dairy free cooking thing and also presumably because I can, under the right circumstances, talk the hind leg off a donkey which I guess is a useful characteristic in a chat show guest.  Or not if they can’t get me to shut up but I guess that’s what a producer and a mute button are for.  Ahem.  And yes I am making another mental note that I MUST NOT SWEAR. 

I guess I should be feeling nervous but instead I’m just really excited to see how a real radio studio looks and how a radio programme is pulled together.  I am a little worried about making a fool of myself but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Actually the biggest worry is that Mr and the girls will listen to it and that he won’t like it or I’ll say something he doesn’t approve of.  Or that the girls don’t get their nap.  That’s a big worry.  Life is not good Chez Muddling is the small people don’t sleep.
Either way, its another great thing that has happened to me because of the blog.  That wouldn’t have happened to me without the blog.

But the question is, do I mention the blog?
I’m going on there using my real name and that means there is a more than average chance that people who know me might find out about the blog.  Except that rather a lot of people who do know me already know about the blog.  Even my sister has discovered it and read it but as she says ‘not in a read every single post like a stalker way’  although readers be warned I have reader tracking and I do know when people read 85 posts in a 24 hour period…  Big sister is watching…

I guess that to a certain extent the cat is most out of the bag.

Its all a bit cart before horse anyway.  I have tried to minimise the linkage between professional me and bloggy me and to a large extent I have managed (well apart from a little Twitter sized footprint which for some reason continues to linger linked to my surname.  Any ideas how to erase that?) – I guess I’m lucky that there’s a rather more famous version of me that takes up the front pages of most google searches.

But even though I’ve done this friends have tripped over my blog.

So do I go on this radio show and say that I met Nick through blogging?  That it was thanks to him that we found out what was wrong with Littler and that he suggested us going to the brilliant consultant that has helped us through the whole dairy free thing?  Do I mention the fact that, despite me spending not enough time on it, my little blog continues to have people want to read it and that I’m proud of it.  Do I mention the fabulous support I get from bloggy friends and twitter?

Because I’m happy to share with you lot here and on Twitter that I’m doing it – just not sure about telling my Mum, who has told me several times I should do more with the dairy free cooking, that I’m off doing this thing mostly in case I accidentally mention the blog.  And does the fact I don’t want my Mum to read the blog mean that actually I shouldn’t be putting this stuff up there in the first place.

What do you think?

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13 comments to Dithering over my blog/life divide

  • Everyone views this blogging anonymously thing so differently. I never considered keeping mine a secret, partly because I’m not very good at doing that but also because I figured people would find out one way or another anyway. Do you have a particular reason for not wanting more people who know you to find out? It would be great if you did mention it on the radio, I reckon, not just as publicity for your blog but also as another resource for listeners.

    • Muddling Along

      I do worry about the separation between work me and real me and if that’s an issue despite the fact that this is a part of me and not the part that sits in an office

      Its interesting that despite not having told many people about it they have still stumbled over this so its really not much of a secret… Wibble!

  • Oh, I’d mention it. It can’t do any harm. Anyway, if it’s Nick’s show nobody’ll be listening… 😉

    (That’s a JOKE btw Nick, if you’re reading)

    • Muddling Along

      There is that thought that actually I’m just going to be talking into the ether – but telling my Mum??? Time to check the archives I guess!

  • How exciting!! If lots of people who know you know about the blog, why not?? Great publicity for you and a chance for others to discover you blog, its a great read x

  • Just be yourself and who gives a monkeys (note: no swearing) whether others – family and friends or not – find out about your blog.

    You are fabulous and you deserve the kudos, whichever way you choose to look at it.

    LCM x

    p.s. plus there is no such thing as bad publicity 😉

  • Joanne

    I’ve always been so curious to know if your boss reads your blog! Do you think he does?

  • Bahtatlass

    I was going to same the sort of thing as Joanne: how would you feel if your boss or work colleagues read your blog? If you feel unsure or uncomfortable, then I’d not mention it on the radio- if you don’t mind them reading it, then go for it.

    • Muddling Along

      Its an interesting thing – some of them I would mind but some of them I would, I think I may have to trend towards not mentioning it and making a thing of it – I’m not just a blogger, I’m me and this is just a part of it

      Muddling muddling muddling along!

  • My mum reads my blog, she loves it. I think it restricts what I write, but does mean that she knows where I am coming from a lot better than she would otherwise.
    If I was you I would be careful about the work thing. My colleagues have occasionally read my blog and I have had to lock certain posts following warnings from people. You have put a lot of stuff on here, personally I would be a bit careful and think through the consequences of individual people reading. By this I mean not only what you have written in the past, but also what you might write in the future!

    • Muddling Along

      Its exactly that – this is a space where I can express exactly what I’m thinking and feeling and I don’t want to stop it being that and the people who have stumbled over this place I hope accept that they have to take it as it is here, I write what I want

      I think I may just not tell people about the radio and then it doesn’t matter if we mention it by accident!

  • I’m afraid I don’t really have a suggestion either way (yes that’s helpful!) but I wanted to say that this has always been a quandary for me since I started blogging. It is only in the past few months that I have even let hubby see it and it was a few months after a started it that I actually told him about it. For me it isn’t such a big deal as it’s a much smaller blog with a lot less readers and I don’t work. It is however MY space where I can (and enjoy) to say what I want. Not that I can’t in the ‘real world’ but having a space to vent, share and learn is why I started blogging (and tweeting) in the first place. Good luck with the decision and enjoy being on the radio! Lx

  • Kirsty

    Hmmm, tricky tricky. In a way I find it liberating that people in real life know about my blog – it’s a way to get all that emotional information out there without talking about it! I told my Mum about it when I was nominated for the BMB award – she had a look but “doesn’t have time” to read it and hasn’t looked for weeks, which hurts a bit. I do moderate what I write a little, in that I wouldn’t bitch about anyone who reads it, but then I think it’s sensible to behave like that anyway – don’t write what you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.

    My concern for you is what you write about work. I’d be a little nervous that they might take objection to it, say you were in breach of contract etc, especially if it gets unpleasant if/when you leave (as I think you have a decent case against them for their pack of lies re: flexible working). And if you don’t have a space to sound off about work, I fear your head may explode?

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