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Is there any job I’m qualified for?

The whole sheer unrelenting misery of my job from hell is making me consider looking at something else.  I mean if you find yourself sitting in the car at the station car park every night having a damn good cry before driving home then something might not be entirely right.

Or rather really wrong.

But the problem is that I seem to have fallen into a rather specialised little niche (or nitch as a former American boss used to say) and I’m not really sure what else I might be suitable.  I want to work, I’m just not sure I can carry on working at my current job.

So would anyone like to hire me?  Or recommend me to someone?
Or even better can someone suggest another job I could do.  I’d like to say that I’ve ended up in this career thanks to planning and strategy but the reality is that I trained as an accountant because I didn’t want to take up the glam (and highly sought after) graduate job in sales after the man who was going to be my boss tried to feel me up.  And I’d been offered a training contract as an accountant so I asked them if I might have the offer back please.  And strangely they gave me another go even though I’d turned them down.

And from there I went into investment banking because it seemed like a good idea and more interesting than the back office jobs some of my friends looked at and I didn’t want to stay in audit any longer.  And my career progression in banking mostly happened because I happened to be in the right place at the right time and I fell into something that I could do rather well.

And I moved into my current job because after 4 years and 4 different bosses I could read the writting on the wall and from the outside this place seemed like a haven of flexibility and diversity.  Except it isn’t.

But what on earth could I do if I don’t do this?

What can I do that needs someone who is motivated, articulate, able to manage on little sleep, able to juggle babies and blackberry, able to type, use spreadsheets and powerpoint?

Who wants someone who can act as agony aunt, team motivator, the impetus to get people to get things done, who doesn’t mind rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck in?

Where is there a firm who want someone who isn’t afraid to speak up, is able to make fun of herself to break the ice, who is happy to get home and fire up a computer to make sure things are finished but who doesn’t want to do that if there isn’t a need?

So, does anyone want to hire a Muddling?

Or can anyone push me in the direction of a nice new career?

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17 comments to Is there any job I’m qualified for?

  • If you find the answer to that one then let me know as well! Seriously though, could you not go freelance?

    • Muddling Along

      I’ve had a look and I don’t think I’m old enough or grey and middle-aged bloke enough but I would dearly love to leap out into that sort of thing

  • Passes wine…

    Oh no, this is so sad to read. I’ve had 3 different careers and have blagged my way in to every one of them. but I doubt I could change again now. I don’t hate my job, not by a long shot…and it’s flexible and I like most of the people I work with and I work from home mostly and it’s well paid. Actually it’s a dream job for a parent.

    But I keep having these ‘is this it?’ kind of feelings. Which are entirely different that sitting in the car and crying. That’s not good.

    What can a Muddling do …well it depends on whether a Muddling needs the same level of income I suppose?

    Passes wine again x

    • Muddling Along

      Muddling has done her sums and can earn less and we can still stay afloat – my what ifs are mostly around what what if I could find a job I loved and still find the balance and still have some career. Wondering if I have backed myself into a corner with the whole career thing and now its either / or

      Thank you

      p.s. lunch soon?

  • Redbedhead

    With a background in banking have you thought about moving across back into accountancy but specialising in mergers and acquisitions? Unfortunately though not great for being family friendly unless you can find the right role.

  • I wish I knew. I know there came a time where I just couldn’t sit when the corporate asked me to and so I had to leave and start my own consultancy. It’s funny because I’ve been comfortable with that lifestyle for over 17 years and yet now when I’m starting consultancy once again after only 6 months of payroll, I’m scared. Whatever you decide you can make the role suit you, trust yourself, that’s all I can suggest.

  • Knackered Mother

    Crying in car after work EVERY DAY?! No-one deserves that. The fact that you are articulating your feelings like this is a big step, as I’m sure you’ll know. Ps – your ‘what I can do’ sounded spookily familiar…

    *passes more wine*

    • Muddling Along

      *gulps wine*

      I know, I’m just so worn down by it – am not sure whether its driven by disappointment mostly or that it is really, really awful

      I so wish I could see where I might be in 5 years so I could work out how to get there

  • Telecoms. Or better known now as Unified Communications.
    They need people like us to organise, motivate, direct and drive business. And it is growing at a phenomenal pace.
    I jumped. You can too.

    LCM x

  • kathleen

    I resigned today. From an organisation that I haven’t been happy in for a while but that I felt I owed because of their generous maternity package. I have to work 3 months notice. I am terrified that I will change mt mind. Terrified of money issue, terrified that i won’t work ever again. Right now I feel that my family needs me and not the 2-2.5 hour round trip that we make three days a week. Also hoping that stepping out will help me see the wood from the trees and that I might get an idea of how I want to move on.
    Ooh blimey, ranted a bit on your blog but really just to say I know EXACTLY how you feel right now. Is it really worth it? You can find a way x

    • Muddling Along

      I really admire you in walking away – I’m mired by the inability to walk away just in case I can’t find anything (and then the whole how to sort out childcare and so on although the thought of 3 months just with the girls feels fun)

      Can’t see the wood for the trees is so where I am at the moment

  • Argh! I lost your feed and then I found it and then I lost it and then I moved and had a crazy month and then another baby and oooh, I didn’t know things were so rough jobwise for you! I am so sorry!!

    Different situation here, but similar problem. I was forced to take redundancy because of the whole two babies in 1 year and 4 days thing we’ve got going on here and I have this heavy hearted feeling that I will have to start over again…

    So no advice. Hope you are well. Now that you are back in my reader, I look forward to spending some of my sleepless nights catching up. Keep well!!

    • Muddling Along

      I’m hoping that you won’t have too many sleepless nights – he looks like a little wonder

      Welcome back – in some ways redundancy would make it easier – make me face up to it rather than sit and carry on as normal

  • Can’t really help as am just about muddling along myself with three jobs at once – a ‘proper job’ in the mornings, a creative/wonderful job in the afternoons, and mum/housewife/everything the rest of the time. Good luck though – sounds like you deserve it!

  • Kirsty

    It’s very hard to know what other careers and areas are like, isn’t it – I kind of fell into my old job and if/when I’m ready to go back, I’m not sure how my skills would fit into other areas. But… I used to work in university administration, in a business school. We had a finance manager who looked after all the budgets and invoicing for the School – she worked with a wide range of people, introducing new systems, representing our budgetary position to the wider university, having significant input into financial decisions… I think it would be a great role for you. There must be similar positions across all sorts of medium-sized organisations? Funnily enough, she came from a big telecoms firm.

    I really hope you work something out, but I’m sure you will soon.

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