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Little green shoots

I’m feeling terribly proud of myself!

After failing to grow peas from scratch outside for the last couple of years, I decided to try starting some inside.

In an Aga tray on the windowsill above a radiator in the living room which is probably not what the gardening books recommend.

And I have some lovely tall green shoots!
And they’re in those pots you can plant straight into the soil so I won’t destroy them by transplanting them.  Well apart from the ones I’ve got growing in the insides of loo rolls because someone told me that might make them grow better.  And after two years of trying and less peas than I can count on one hand I do need some success this year.

This weekend also saw me managing to get the early potatoes into the newest bed in the veggie patch.  I’m hoping that putting potatoes in will manage to break up the soil and perhaps get rid of the fact its full of stones.
So full of stones that digging down I managed to find these.  Yes, eight inches under the soil of my newest vegetable bed someone had left part of a rockery, or a path, or something that meant that some idiot had left a mass of stones and bricks in the very place I was planning on getting my potatoes in.


But I have removed the stones and two lots of tatties are in.

AND I have some nice green pea plants happily growing on my windowsill!

And even better the new netting seems to be keeping the chickens off my asparagus bed (admittedly its still another year before we can have any but at least some might grow if the chooks don’t dig it up).

Life is good in the Muddling veggie patch.

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