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Friday Rant Club – work / life no balance

The Friday Rant Club is an opportunity to get all those frustrations that have been building up off your chest before the weekend.  Either post something in the comments below or write your own one.  There’s a little badge over there on the right if you fancy showing the world that you are not a doormat!


You know that something isn’t going right when every single weekday morning sees you at your desk wanting to either bang your head on it or to throw yourself out of the nearest window (that’ll be why they keep them firmly locked, I guess).

Sheer, relentless, ending frustration at the company your work for and the boss you have to deal with every single day.

I really don’t know how they do it.  I don’t know if they have set out to demotivate every single one of their thousands of employees or I just sit in a particularly bad corner of the place.  Either way, every day, there’s a drip drip drip of ways to make us feel bad.

Bossman is a big part of it for me.  I’m getting worn down by his inability to treat me like an adult – I had more respect and recognition of what I can do when I was a baby banker than I get now. Call me arrogant but I after a decade doing this I think I might be ok at it and afterall they did hire me.

He only responds to the nearest crisis, to whatever shouts louder.  No meeting is sacrosanct, he never says ‘I have until 4pm and then have to go’, he never cares that he’s continually cancelling, deferring and messing people about. Mostly at the last minute.  He never checks what this does to other people – to date he’s never asked if a time works for me before telling me that a meeting is happening.  I guess when he says jump I’m supposed to say how high but I’m long past feeling like doing that.

I have tried three times this week to get time with him.  Three slots booked into his diary.  Three cancellations at the last minute.  No apologies.

In the end I wrote down what I wanted to say as a memo and handed it to him.  That was on Tuesday evening.  Since then he has said that he will get back to me (when???) but hasn’t done anything.  Nice of him to prioritise something that a blind man in a dark room could see was important to me.  Another little drip drip drip making me feel unwanted and demotivated.

And you see when you feel like this you start to talk to other people and find out that they too think that he’s a terrible manager, an awful boss and a bit of a plonker.  Wish I’d been able to have a chat with them before I took this job on.


And then there’s a flurry of emails he sends when he’s in a taxi home after a drinks thing or a dinner.  The stream of ‘have we…?’ – well if you haven’t mate surely it should be could you or would you or did you manage to?  Or the ‘we should consider….’ when I probably already have and discounted it.  Except now I have to start my day, sat in my kitchen before I leave or on the train firefighting these things.  Trying to show that I remain dedicated to a job I really am not sure about.

As they say, TGI Friday. 

Oh apart from the fact I think I’m going to have to be working this weekend.

Double sigh.

To try and counter all of this, you might want to see me making a fool of myself in my first ever vlog.  Anyone else fancy a go at fluffy bunnies?

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7 comments to Friday Rant Club – work / life no balance

  • Hilary

    Hi, I’m sorry the jobs not turning out as you hoped. Bossman sounds like a twat. My experience of working for people like that is that they rarely change. Have to ask yourself whether you’ll be the one to change him where everyone else has failed and/or is he likely to move on in the short to medium term? If the answer is no then can you still see yourself in this situation in say another six months time? Are you getting enough out of the job compared to the effort, hours and hard work you’re putting in? Its hard enough to manage career, family and you. I really hope it works out for you.

  • Good you’ve got a place to rant.

    Your boss sounds awful. Any chance of getting together with the other people who are fed up with him and getting rid of him?

    If not, and I were in your position, I would start looking for another job. As Hilary says, he’s not going to change.

  • He sounds awful to work for and work with. [hug]

  • Bahtatlass

    I’m sure you must work for the Big 4 firm I used to work at. It just sounds so horribly familiar…

  • That sounds horrible. I hope you can change it for the better.

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  • […] because I get just as irritated by media criticism/coverage of working mothers. Then I read her Friday Rant Club post – described […]

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