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Why does being an adult mean not having fun?

Doddlemum posted one of her fabby sketches (you do follow her, right don’t you?  If not go right over there now and have a look) and I suddenly realised that right here, right now being an adult is rather short on the simple pleasures.

Life is all caught up in rushing around, in trying to get everything done, in sprinting just to keep up.

And I look back to the times before babies and the simple pleasures and wonder where they have gone.

What about the joys of a hot bath and a cold glass of white wine?  I can’t remember the last time I managed a bath without someone chucking a whole pile of plastic tat in with me or insisting that they help wash my hair.

Or just sitting in my favourite armchair and reading.  Without interruptions.

What about the joys of climbing trees?

Or playing Pooh sticks?

Or rolling down a hill?

What about the happiness that comes from walking in the woods kicking leaves?

Or splashing in a puddle?

Or even the simple pleasure of heading to the pub for a quiet, unrushed drink of an evening and a proper natter?  We used to do that and it was lovely and I don’t think we’ve done that since I can remember.

Seems to me that right here, right now, being grown up means having a lot less fun than a toddler and I’m not sure that’s the way I want things to be.

I need to reclaim the fun and find where its been squeezed out of my life.
Because right here, right now, it feels as if the fun has been squeezed out by everything else.

I don’t find myself laughing terribly often.  In fact I don’t think I laugh very much at all.  I find myself rather too often in a grey, dull mood, oppressed by everything and everybody.

So how on earth do I go about doing that?

Please can someone tell me where the fun is hiding?

Or tell it to come over here and find me.

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8 comments to Why does being an adult mean not having fun?

  • Oh that doesn’t sound good at all. Right I’m all afire with plans.. my mission is to impart fun into the lives of deserving Vegemite Vixens!

  • Scribbling Mum

    I don’t know why, but it does feel true most of the time doesn’t it?! Maybe we all need to make it more fun, throw caution to the wind sometimes, sod the routine and just take a moment to enjoy it.

    I remember very well a post by Henri from Marketing to Milk where she was at the hairdresser who was washing her hair, really giving her head a wonderful massage, and she wondered why it never felt like that when she did it herself at home. And then she realised it could, but she just didn’t make the time, take the time, to do it, she was always in too much of a rush in the shower, thinking about the next thing on her list she had to do.

    Take the time, say sod it more and I reckon the fun will find you again 🙂

    • Muddling Along

      That is a great plan – am trying to find the amusement in things rather than just being narked by them. A step in the right direction possibly

  • I’m finding having a toddler means that I’m getting back to some of the childhood pleasures that I had left behind. The joys of playing in water, making sand castles and going around and around on the merry go round in the local park. I’ve found that I used to be always in a rush, always trying to get more done but since trying to chill and realise that the vacuuming will get done at some point and life will go on even if the errands don’t get done this moment has made me give the little moments in life more chance to give me joy.

    • Muddling Along

      Actually those are good points – I am trying to make the chores fun and to do them together rather than getting wound up by them

      I shall try and embrace my inner toddler

  • This is one of the reasons I started my Mission – to try and keep me challenged as I find it too easy for the mummy days to merge into one long round of laundry, sweeping, dishwasher, meals, bedtimes… Yawn.

    The sad thing for me is that even fun stuff gets dull when it’s repetitive and stroppy child-driven – I used to love Pooh sticks, now it’s just something we do everytime we cross a particular bridge on the way home from town. It’s hard to keep it fresh.

    If you find the answer, do let me know!

    ps – Thanks for the link to Doodlemum, what a brilliant site.

    • Muddling Along

      Isn’t she totally fab!

      I do think working outside the home is easier than full time motherhood – children can just be so unrelenting and yes, it is horribly repetitive

      How on earth can we bring the fun back?

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