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Definitely don’t count your chicks before they’ve hatched…

First lesson learnt – chickens can be very attached to other chickens

Second lesson learnt – Ginger is VERY protective of Betty

Third lesson learnt – don’t let your bum get too close to a cross cockerel

Fourth lesson learnt – not all sat on eggs become chicks

So Betty didn’t like the maternity ward too much, Ginger moped around it for days and eventually we didn’t have chicks.

So Betty and Ginger are re-united back in the garden (although if they go for a scratch in my asparagus bed again they’ll be confined to barracks until further notice).

And Betty is laying again.  And Bigger is very proud of her new job collecting the egg every day and very proud of Betty for her egg laying skills.  Betty has also branched out into trying to hide her eggs so collecting the daily egg is now more of a treasure hunt than it used to be.

Question is how do we break it to my mother in law that she isn’t going to be chicken greatgrandmother – she was very excited about the whole thing….

p.s. the picture is of one of Ginger or Betty as a chick… they’re proper home grown chickens

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