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The Friday Rant Club is open!

Ah the end of another fun week

And a need to get a few things off my chest.

If you feel like joining in and getting rid of that unhealthy built up angst before the weekend please feel free.   If you’d like to I have made a little badge which you can find over there on the right, thanks to the lovely Bumbling Along who took the photo.

Anyway, a deep breath and here we go.
I’m sick sick sick of selfish drivers.  Yes you Mr Lorrydriver who decided to 3 point turn (would have been nice if it had been a 3 point turn rather than a 30 point turn) in the middle of the main road during my morning rush hour.  That was wonderful enough.  And then you parked on the blind corner and decided to get out of your lorry to see if you had hit something during the convaluted process of turning around.  You hadn’t but it was nice I got a chance to have a sit and think whilst you pottered around for 5 minutes.  Yes I know its partly my fault that I don’t have much spare time built into my commute but seriously at 7.30 did you really not think that the roads might be full of people in a rush.

And what about you selfish car park person?  Yes you stopping and blocking the entrance so you can get out of the car and rush off to catch the train, yes the one I’m now going to miss because I’m waiting behind you.  Can you please explain why oh why you didn’t get your partner to drive?  I had to wait even longer as he pottered out of the passenger side of the car and into the driver’s seat.  Forward planning and consideration please people.

I’m also narked again with work.  Beyond cross with Bossman who persists in calling my home number at 10pm.  I am very close to physcially wrestling his blackberry off him and deleting all my contact details not just my home phone number.  Question is if you aren’t on someone’s blackberry might you not actually exist?  Oh and then there’s the whole ‘right let’s consider this’ thing he does where he sits back in his chair, closes his eyes and has a little think.  I may be being unreasonable but stop with the closing the eyes thing.  It makes me want to start stabbing people with a corporate branded pencil.

And relax and feel better.

Have you something to get off your chest – come on over and share it.  We can rant and rage together, safety in numbers and all that.

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5 comments to The Friday Rant Club is open!

  • Knackered Mother

    Oh Muddling, you ARE clever! Here’s mine:

    Dear Mr X, did you really have to fix the meeting for 4pm on a Friday in a place 4 hours from where I live ON MY FRIGGING WEDDING ANNIVERSARY?

    But I suppose you weren’t to know.


    KM x

  • Thank you! I’ve just posted a whinge (rather than a rant) before finding this but I think it counts… glad I’m not the only grumpy cow out there today (ps just linked to you too) xxx

  • Juliet

    I absolutely LOVE your rant, I am with you on the closing eyes, bet he bounced slightly in his chair … tosser, I’ve met one like him before … my rant, if we’re on a date on Friday night, make it a date and not about how tired and how hard you are working, I’m WORKING TOO!

    Loving your work girls! X

  • Steal that blackberry and delete! I too hate selfish drivers! Mine would be:

    Hey a-hole, stop parking your car on a daily basis halfway across my narrow road that we need to reverse out of. I can’t see anything and really want to drive into your crappy car if it wouldn’t mean damaging mine!

    And people that leave your car in front of the petrol pump for 15 minutes while they do their shopping at the Bp M&S – I hate you.

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